The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Vaporizer
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It was around about the year 2014 when vaping exploded onto the public consciousness. Initially, some tobacco company's, of all people, tried to state that the vapes were bad for you, but with growing evidence to the contrary, even the tobacco firms began to acknowledge that vaporizers where the future, and so, they began in investing in vaporizers by the billion. 

The big issue for many new vaping enthusiasts is what vaporizer they should buy. The problem is that there are so many vaporizers out there in the marketplace that it can be very difficult to choose which one is the most suitable for you. Before buying a vape you should educate yourself on the various pros and cons of different vapes.
Failure to educate yourself on which vaporizers are the best may result in you squandering a huge chunk of money on a vape that doesn't work for you. The reason I've written this blog is to try and help you avoid some of the pitfalls that many new vapers fall into. Below you will find a list of how different vaporizers operate and what vaporizing technology you should invest in.


There are two different types of vaporizer that you can get, portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers. If you're planning on using your vape when you're on the move well then a portable vaporizer is the way to go. Conversely, if you're going to be doing most of your vaping at home well then you should opt for a desktop.  The one thing about desktops is if you are planning on purchasing one then you may have to pay that extra bit of cash.

And whilst desktops are expensive the buzz that you'll receive will make them worth every penny.  What I would suggest is that if you're starting out on your vaping career then you should invest in a portable unit, and then maybe sometime later invest in a desktop unit.  Initially, by purchasing the portable you'll become acquainted with how vaporizers operate, the extent of the buzz, and what herbal works best, and when you have acquired this knowledge you should then move up in the world and purchase an elite desktop vaporizer which could take your herbal experience to a whole new level.


A major thing for you to consider is what type of materials you use. If you find yourself using dry herbs you'll need to find a vaporizer that will be able to operate well using dry herbs, but in contrast, if you find yourself using concentrates you'll need to get your hands on a vape that does the job well using concentrates.  Whilst there are some vaporizers that can accommodate both sets of materials sometimes these vapes don't operate at a very high quality. 

From my experience its best to purchase a vaporizer that operates well with just one set of materials. Another thing to note is that when using concentrates with a vaporizer you may only need a small amount of the materials in order to receive a very potent high. Vapes aren't like using dab rigs where you might need extra materials, with a vaporizer, you'll find that a small amount of concentrates will have the power to give you a considerable buzz.


How long is a piece of string? How much do you want to spend on a vaporizer all depends on your own personal circumstances. If you want to get your hands on a top of the range vaporizer you will have to splash the bucks out.  But people shouldn't forget that there are many high quality vaporizers out there that offer excellent value for money. 
I think its best for any new vaping enthusiast to set a budget and stick to that budget when choosing their first vaporizer. The reason for this is because with so many vaporizers out there, and so many different prices it can get quite intimidating for any newbie. One thing you need to understand is that you wont necessarily have to break the bank in order to get your paws on the best vaporizers. Many of the most outstanding vapes out there in the marketplace are affordable, user friendly, and offer tremendous overall value.


One of the best ways to get your vaping career kick started is to get your hands on a concentrate pen. The reason why concentrate pens are so revered is that they're so cheap and affordable, and offer users excellent vapes.  Pen battery and charger units can sell for as little as 40$ and so they offer an excellent alternative to some of the more illustrious devices out there in the marketplace. 

The battery's in pens usually last a good few days, and so, you'll be ensured of many hours of interrupted vaping bliss.  Overall, I have to say that cartridge pens are a fantastic option for anyone who is intending to take up vaporizers.



The Grizzly is a fantastic option for anyone new to using vape pens. The Grizzly offers an affordable and high quality vape that comes with tremendous overall functionality. This pen is designed for newbies and connoisseurs alike and will be sure to surprise you with its overall package.

A high quality voltage system ensures that your pen is always ready for action and with a ceramic chamber and quartz atomizer you know that what you'll be receiving will be pure quality.  This truly is a pen vaporizer that suits intelligent people as the overall package on offer is second to none.  


If you want to buy a high end portable vaporizer that works well with your flowers you may have to pay that little bit extra.  Prices can vary from as low as $100 right up to $350, but in spite of the variation in prices, there are many excellent portables throughout the price range.   

When loading up your portable you'll soon discover that they are very similar to filling up a traditional bowl or pipe- all you have to do is load up your herbs into the chamber and you'll be nearly ready for action.  An important thing to take note, is that you should never load up your herbs into until the chamber is full as this will have a detrimental effect on the quality of your vaping session.


Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is a vaporizer that is at the very peak of vaping excellence. The machine is small, lightweight, and packs a tremendous punch when it comes to vaping power. The vapor that the Firefly produces is smooth and tasty and it has that consistency that all vaping enthusiasts seek. 

The battery is pretty powerful and lasts for a long duration providing you with a seemingly endless stream of vapes. Of course, the battery are removable and when charging they usually take about 40 minutes until there full recharged, and so, you won't have too long to wait until your vape is ready for action.


Most Concentrate pens are much cheaper than flower vaporizers and usually, the prices range from $50 to $100.  At first, using concentrates pens can be a little intimidating as they are not as simple to a user as flower pens.  But like anything as soon as you get the hang of it, using these pens will become like second nature.

One of the benefits of using a concentrates pen is that they are very simple to use when on the move. You'll find that unlike flower pens where you'll continually have to be grinding and mixing your herbs with this type of pen all you have to do is put your concentrates into the pen and you'll be off vaping.


Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty Vaporizer is a multi functional all terrain vaporizer that comes equipped with the capacity to vape your concentrates to a superb level of excellence. Make no mistake about it, the Mighty, more than lives up to its reputation of vaping excellence and will be sure to provide you many many special memories.

The reason why the Mighty packs such a powerful punch is because of the built in the liquid pad which facilities the vaping of blends, herbs, and concentrates. Another reason why the Mighty stands out from the crowd is due to its combination of both combustion and convection technology which allows you to receive some truly awesome vapes.  The machine is designed in a portable, but yet durable fashion, and it will be sure to exceed all of your expectations.    


When it comes to price range Desktop Vaporizers are usually the most expensive.  But if you like taking your herbal from the comfort of your own home then a top quality desktop vaporizer is a great option.  You may need to pay that extra bit of cash for the machine, but if you're looking for a something that's sturdy, reliable,  and will produce delicious vapes then the desktop is the job for you.

What makes desktops stand out from the rest of the field is their overall functionality which allows you to receive some truly outrageous and delicious vapes. Unlike some portables that are fragile and can break when they fall a Desktop will usually stand the test of time.


Plenty Vaporizer

The Plenty Vaporizer is one of the machines that you'll come away from using with a smile etched from one side of your face to another.  Whilst the Plenty is priced in the high range it more than makes up for the steep price tag with its excellent overall performance.

What makes the Plenty stand out is its double helix system which ensures that the air inside the device is heated at the perfect temperature.  The plenty comes equipped with a stainless steel coil which ensures that the herbal vapors that you receive are of the very highest quality.

This machine allows you to reprogram in temperature number that suits whatever herbs that you're intending to a vaporizer. Designed in a fashionable, but yet very professional manner the Plenty is one of the vaporizers that exceeds all expectations. If you're intending on purchasing a desktop vaporizer well then the Plenty is not only a vaporizer you should keep an eye on, the plenty is a must have a vaporizer.


In finishing the one piece of advice I'd give you when purchasing a vaporizer is to do your research. There is no point in charging in like some gunslinger shooting all over the place in a wild west movie. What you need to do is have your target lined up and then get ready to pull the trigger when you feel that you have the correct vaporizer in your crosshairs. 

The way you should go about this is throwing yourself into researching all of the options out there and then make a decision. Maybe if your friend has a vaporizer you should try out his first and see how it feels. Ask around, ask questions, and when you feel like you've got a vaporizer that will suit your needs get your wallet out and purchase from the leading vaporizer suppliers in the world Namaste. It's also imperative that you get your hands on a good grinder, that most of all, will suit the vaporizer that you're using. 

There's no point in purchasing a grinder that will leave your materials very thin and dust like when your vaporizer needs herbal that has more thickness too it.  Overall,  I have to say that there are many super vaporizers out there, and if you shop around, you'll be sure to find the one that is meant for you.



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