The Ultimate Guide To Load Your Vape Pen?

Loading your Vape Pen is one of the great skills that you need to master in life. It's a skill that will stand you in good stead for the future whether at home or abroad. With the advent of vaping technology, we're seeing an explosion of people using vape pens and this trend is set to continue into the future. And with any new trend, it becomes vitally important to know what you're at. 

Because there's nothing worse than inviting your friends around to your house and offering them a few vapes, but you end up looking like a fool because you don’t know how to properly load your vape. You'll want to avoid fumbling around with your vape pen combusting into your face. But this is where we come in, and where reading this blog will help you avoid so many of the common pitfalls associated with inexperienced vaping newbies.

So for any newbie out there, I'd like to say to you- fear not, the master is here, the king has arrived to dispense his advice to his loyal subjects. Tonight you will eat a sumptuous feast in the garden of vaping paradise. Never again will you look at your vape as just a vape from now on a vape will become an instrument of pure orgasmic bliss.

A vaporizer that will transcend life itself. Standing as a monument of human achievement and endeavor. Ok, I’m losing the run of myself here a little bit, but one thing is for sure there’s no point in starting your vaping career without having acquired a good knowledge of how to successfully use your vape pen. You'll need to ask yourself are you serious vaping? Or do you just want to become some novice amateur who’s always making a mess of things? Do you want to become the person who knows what he's at? If you do, well then read on. 

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Starting Off

The very first thing you need to do is to get your hands a top of the range vape pen because it doesn't matter how good your herbal is if your vape pen is a piece of garbage it isn't going to get the job done. There are many great priced vape pens out there in the marketplace and if you shop around you shouldn't be long finding the one that suits you.

Ok, so you’ve got your hands on a top quality vape pen and you’re all excited that you’re about to receive an excellent buzz. The first thing you’ll need to do is take a deep breath and calm down because you don’t want to go rushing in and making a mess of things. The last thing you’ll want to do is to spill your waxes on the ground or smash up your vaporizer just because you’re too keen.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Picking

Vape Pen

You’ll need to get a good quality herb grinder that suits the model of your vape pen. There's no point in getting any old grinder if it doesn't fit the manufactures specifications as this will result in a poor vaping experience. Some pens may require a higher density of herb whilst other pens may need finer herbs so that they can function properly- it all depends on the individual pen. What you should always do is follow the instructions of your vape pen and open the lid to access the herb chamber within.

One of the tips I would give you is to be very gentle when loading your herbs inside. Don’t just ram the herbs in and hope that everything will work out because it won't. Its also vitally important that there is enough room for a good air flow to get through the chamber as this will ensure a superior vaping experience.

The big issue with dry herb pen vaporizers is that they have an unfortunate tendency to burn your herbal And if your herbal is burning this obviously isn't what you're looking for. At the end of the day, you don’t buy a vape pen to burn your herbal you buy one to vape your materials. But even though dry herb pens do have an unfortunate habit of burning you shouldn't let this put you off from purchasing one.

The reason for this combustion is because the majority of vape pens use an atomizer that presses your herbs against a hot element and this is what leads to the burning. You may get a small number of buzzes before your herbal get too hot, but these buzzes can be excellent quality. Even though your dry herb vape pen doesn't seem to be a long-term option I don’t believe that this method should be dismissed out of hand. If you’re starting out on your vaping career then vape pens offer an affordable and cost friendly way to access some much needed herbal. 

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Oils, Waxes, Concentrates for Vape Pen

Vape Pens

In life, some things are meant to go together and this is the case when it comes to concentrates and vape pens. Concentrates and vape pens go together like the sun and the moon- they're a natural combination. One cant survive without the other. The first thing you should do is gather a small portion of concentrates at the end of a dab tool.

Usually the amount should be roughly about 0.1g and this should be more than enough to squeeze into your vape pen. You should put your concentrates directly on top of the coil, but you should be careful not to damage your coil with your dab tool. 

If your concentrates are rock hard you might be best to try and break them put into small portions before your put them inside your vape pen. Of course you could push the harder concentrates into your vape pen, but the problem with these pens is that whilst they are very good they aren't infallible.

Once you have your waxes or concentrates into your vape pen you should 'prime the wick' which will act to melt your concentrates. Not all vape pens have this this wick system, and if you become used to it your may feel that other vape pens don't produce the same flavorful herbal consistency. 

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What Concentrates

You’ll need to consider what type of concentrates you’re intending to load into your pen, as concentrates are not all the same. From my experience I’ve noticed that Oil based concentrates have a tendency to vaporizer the best. A general rule of thumb is that softer concentrates will be far more efficient and productive. Whilst the harder concentrates do work, they just don’t produce the same level of production.

Another benefit of the softer materials is that they’re far easier to work with when on the move.

Load Your Pen

The one thing you should never do when loading your pen is use your hands as this will degrade the material and will result in an inferior vape. What you should have in your possession is a good quality dabber to collect your concentrates and place them inside your pen. Place your concentrates close to your coil, but not too aggressively as this may cause your coil to break. Use the rim of your device to scrape away any extra concentrates which may be found on your dabber.

Taking Draws From Your Pen

Vape Pen

Once you have your concentrates inside the pen you’re only a few short seconds away from drawing a few vapes. The superior vapes will come from using slow and steady draws rather than using short sharp bursts. The majority of vape pens will have adjustable temperature control settings that you should utilize for your own benefit. If you lower the temperature you should receive far more flavourful vapes.

An increased temperature vape will result in an extra powerful kick that you should prepare yourself for. The problem with the increased potency vapes is that they may knock you for six if you aren't ready for them. One thing you should always do is to take very small draws when taking powerful herbs as this allow you to adjust to the herbs. The last thing you'll want to feel is to take massive draws and be off your head with your herbs.

Take your time and learn how much herbal suits you. Additionally, you should always ensure that your battery is fully charged as the last thing you’ll want is an empty battery interrupting your vaping pleasures.

Vape Accessories

You should always ensure that your store your dabs in cool, clean, and secure location. I would recommend getting your hands on a smell proof container as this will ensure that your herbs are preserved in top condition. Another tool you should attempt to make use of is silicone dab mats as these are great for securing and retrieving any spilled dabs. What having the proper storage facilities will ensure that none of your herbs are ever wasted.

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I have to say if you use common sense then loading your vape pen shouldn't present too much of an issue. The main thing you need to take into consideration is not to pack your vape pen too full as this will lead to a whole host of issues you’ll want to avoid. Take your time and pack in your waxes, oils, or concentrates at a nice slow pace as this will help you avoid any unwanted accidents.

For anyone purchasing their first vape pen all I can say is bravo and well done on an excellent life choice.

The fact is vape pens are becoming more and more prevalent throughout our society. The benefits of using vaporizer pens are that the days of using caveman tactics of blowtorches and nails seem to be drawing to a close. Just make sure to purchase a good quality vape pen and the world truly is yours to own.

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