Top 12 budget vaporizers

Vaporizing has exploded onto the public consciousness this past number of years with vapes becoming ever more prevalent in all areas of society.   With massive growth in vaporizers, this can only mean one thing, that there is a proverbial minefield of products in which you have to try and pick your way through in order to find the best deals. 

Many of the machines on offer can be very costly, resulting in your bank account shrinking at a dramatic rate, but amongst all of these pricey devices, there are still lots of bargains to be got.   By providing this list we aim to show you can get your hands on some of the best vaporizers at the best rates.


Guru Vaporizer

Guru Vaporizer

The Guru is a very exciting new vaporizer which is setting the standard for vaporizing excellence.  The Guru is one of the first machines that has the power to combine dry herbs capabilities along with liquids and waxes.  The machine features a ceramic heating system which provides excellent quality vapors. 

This device offers users precision temperature control that you can adjust to suit your own particular needs. Two 2600mah batteries ensure that you'll have immense vaporizing power at your fingertips. Overall the Guru is a tremendous product that serves to keep you supplied with some excellent vaping experiences that will live long in the memory. A real gold nugget of a device that you'd be wise to get your hands on.


The G Pen Elite is a portable convection vaporizer that offers excellent overall functionality and outstanding vaping quality. The device features a LED display, battery life indicator, and a superb ceramic heating chamber.  This machine offers the largest ceramic heating chamber on any vaporizer in the world. 
The G Pen allows you the capacity to change the temperature to suit your own specific needs. One of the things that G Pens are famous for is the flavorful and cleaner vape that more than matches anything you'd receive from a more premium level device. A superb overall vape, that offers tremendous value, and tremendous vaping quality.




The PUFFit 2 is a portable vaporizer that is concealable, discreet, and provides an excellent vaping experience. The machine is made by Discreet Vape, and on this occasion, the makers have truly surpassed themselves in terms of the quality of the vaporizer. You shouldn't expect huge clouds of vapors when using this product, but that's one of the good things about it because if you want a discreet vape this is the product for you.

The PUFFit is an on-demand vaporizer that heats up in a matter of seconds to provide you with a superb draw that you can't but help is impressed with. The way the machine is designed is more for short sharp bursts of vaporizing rather than for longer sessions.   A real dark horse of a vaporizer that will keep you coming back for more and more.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer


The Extreme Q is one of the vaporizers that provides you with a striking vape.  The device focuses on higher quality performance and higher quality overall vaping flavors. This is a vaporizer which features a three fan system, precision temperature control, and better overall vaping efficiency.  The machine truly is one of the first all in one vaporizer which facilitates your use of blends by utilizing vapor balloons. 

Arizer uses a ceramic heater which ensures that when you receive your blends that they'll be as aromatic as they can possibly be. A 3-year warranty shows how confident manufacturers reps are in their product and at this better value price you can't beat the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer.

Arizer Solo


The Arizer Solo is one of the vaporizers that will surprise you with it overall efficiency and vaping quality. You'll soon discover that the vapor you'll receive will be clean, crisp, and thoroughly cleaner.

The draw resistance from the Extreme Q is a little bit more strenuous the from other devices, but overall nothing that would present too much of an issue.   It does take up to 10 seconds for you to get a good amount of vapor, but what you'll receive will be an excellent quality vape.  The Arizer is a little bit big and bulky, but for me, the extra weight signifies quality and good craftsmanship. Overall the Arizer Solo is a very underrated vaporizer that will keep you coming back for more and more.

The Alfa Vaporizer



The Alfa Vaporizer is made by a brand new company called, Goboff. and with this vaporizer, they have really set a marker down in terms of vaping excellence.  The Alfa is a mid-priced vaporizer that has many new features inherent in it to make it stand out from the crowd.

A removable silicone mouthpiece, a heat setting dial, and a removable door where you place your herbs all set this vaporizer out as being something special. The vape that you'll have the pleasure of receiving will have a perfect consistency and a beautiful flavorful aroma that will live long in the memory. Overall, the Alfa Vaporizer is a little gem to be picked out from an ocean of rocks.    



The Black Mamba is a conduction vaporizer which works superbly with dry herbs. The device utilizes a heating technology that ensures that your herbs are heated evenly and precisely and this ensures that the vape that you'll receive will be second to none.

The machine is shaped in a unique fashion that makes it stand out from the crowd, and the all glass vapor pathway ensures an easy transition of your vapes. A two second heating up time ensures that your vaporizer is always ready for action and ready to supply you with the buzz that you so richly deserve. Definitely a vaporizer that is worth a look as it is sure to surprise you with its overall performance.




The Da Vinci vaporizer is an excellent machine that works very well with both dry herbs and essential oils. The precision temperature control system ensures that vaporizing your herbs will never be as easy. You can tailor the temperature to suit your own specific needs and this turn leads to a more controlled vaping experience. 

The vapor quality really sets the Da Vinci apart from the competition as it delivers a tremendous cleaner vape. The unit itself looks sleek and professional looking and you can't but fail to be impressed by the devices overall functionality. A real underdog of a vape that will give you a lifetime of reward. 




A 80w heating element makes the Boundless one of the most powerful vaporizers on the market. 

The machine heats up in a matter of seconds and almost instantly provides you with flavorful and cleaner vapor.  The boundless is designed in a sturdy and compact design that exudes strength and capability. Overall, this vaporizer is one you should definitely have in your collection.




The  Nimbinvap Vaporizer has everything a vaping connoisseur could dream about in a vaping device.  The thing that makes this machine stand out is its overall multi tool capabilities which seem to have every vaping angle covered.  The beauty about this vaporizer is that it doesn't rely on electricity and so you can use the vaporizer in nearly every setting imaginable.  This vaporizer has 8 different settings that you can program into the machine to suit your own specific needs. Definitely, a vaporizer that more than holds its own when compared to some of the more illustrious names out there on the market.

Magic Flight Vaporizer


The Magic Flight Vaporizer is one of the smallest vaporizers available anywhere in the world. This vape is powered by AA batteries which drive the machine into action in less than 5 seconds. One of the reasons the Magic Flight is so easy to use is because of this rapid-fire heat up time which ensures that your herbs are ready to be vaporized at the drop of a hat. The machine is made in the USA from specially crafted wood which adds a sleek look to the vaporizers overall package.  This really is a vaporizer that not only offers tremendous value, it offers tremendously rewarding vapes that will keep you coming back again and again.

The Life Saber Vaporizer


The Life Saber Vaporizer, by 7th Floor, is an outstanding vaporizer that utilizes the most cutting edge technology in the world to deliver you a vape of sublime quality. This is a handheld device that could also be classified as a desktop vaporizer as you are required to hold it in your hand whilst operating it.  The Life Saber is designed mostly in glass and this results in the vapors you'll receive is clean, refreshing, and thoroughly wholesome.  This is definitely a vaporizer that you should keep your eye on as it offers affordability and superb overall functionality to deliver you an excellent vaping experience.