Top 5 Tips When Buying A New Vaporizer

Purchasing a Vaporizer is the one of essential things that every herbal enthusiast must do. But there is no point in purchasing any old vaporizer as these devices come in all different shapes and sizes and many vary in quality. Wading your way through this field of vapes can sometimes be a difficult task with many vapes out there failing to live up to their billing. An essential thing for any newbie to do is to gather as much information as possible about various vaporizers and then try and get the one that will suit their own personal needs.

Why are vaporizers the must have device of the century? Because vaporizers produce a stunningly beautiful vape that delivers the perfect buzz. Vapes manage to accomplish this by heating up your herbs just enough to release a delicious vapor and all without combusting your herbs.

Unfortunately, with such a splendid technology entering the marketplace many unscrupulous dealers have begun selling vaporizers that are very poor quality.  The big question is how can you know the difference between the gems and the turds? The good news Is I've done all the work for you, because in this blog I've compiled a whole treasure trove of information that will to shine a light on the vaporizer industry.   



A crucial area that you'll need to know about when purchasing a vaporizer is temperature control.  Very high temperatures can combust your herbal and this is something you'll want to avoid like the plague.  A massive issue you'll need to be aware of is that different kinds of herbal have different boiling points. Just because one kind of plant vaporizers at a particular temperature this does not mean that every other plant will do the same. You should be aware that most vapes heat in the temperature range of 356f-392f and not all vaporizers allow you to adjust the temperature settings. If you don't have a temperature control system this will usually result in a less than satisfactory experience. Without the control, your herbal experience may become something of a hit and a miss and this is something you'll want to avoid. Additionally, oils, waxes, and herbs all heat at different levels and this is another reason why you'll need to get your hands on a vaporizer that has a good temperature control setting. 


The next area that you'll need to know is what type of heating system your vaporizer is using- is it convection or conduction?  Having a good quality heating system is a vital part to enjoying your vaporizer experience as both heating systems vary greatly in how they vaporizer your herbs. With convection heating, the hot blade never touches your herbs. What happens with convection is that your herbs are melted down by hot air that blows through the chamber which results in some superb vapes being produced.  

In comparison, conduction heats up your plants by directly touching them with the heating element. This method is far more popular, because its cheaper, but conduction simply is no match for convection. The reason why conduction isn't as good is because it has tendency to combust your herbs, and when this happens things can get very nasty.  Overall, when investing in a vaporizer always go with convection technology as its better in every way. Yes, you'll be paying more money, but when you factor that your herbs won't combust it will be a worthwhile investment. 


The age old question, should I get a portable or a desktop vaporizer? For pure convenience levels portable vaporizers are the way to go. Portables allow you a discreet  and flavorful vape no matter where you are. You can use a portable In a nightclub, a cinema, at your grandmothers, or wherever you so choose. But the one drawback about portables is that many of them offer users a limited experience. With many portables you can adjust the settings and the majority of portables use conduction heating which isn't good. 
In contrast, desktop vaporizers, whilst they are bulky and you cant take  them on the move they do offer users a far better all-round experience. With a desktop vaporizer you can adjust the settings right down to the last millimeter. You can change the temperature, you can change the flavors, you can adjust the strength of your buzz. There simply is no comparison between portable and desktops when it comes to the quality of the vape that you'll receive, with the desktop reigning supreme. But another drawback with desktops is that they can be very pricey, but if you want the best vapes you'll have to pay that little bit extra.




This is a hugely important question because some vaporizers perform better depending on what type of herbal you put into them. The majority of vaporizers accommodate either flowers or concentrates. There are some vaporizers that do accommodate both substances, but you'll need to be very careful purchasing one of these as they can all vary greatly in terms of quality. If you're a flower diehard I would definitely recommend that you purchase vaporizer that is dedicated to your flowers.
For people more inclined to smoke concentrates you could purchase a vaporizer that has multifunctionality in terms of what herbs it can utilize. The huge difference is that with concentrates you're going to be getting a far stronger buzz. For people new to concentrates I always recommend that you take your time and don't overdraw on them as this can result in some nasty experiences. When using concentrates only take a few small puffs and then wait a few minutes to see what type of reaction you're getting, because you won't want to be off your head and not able to enjoy your herbs.  


You should always try and settle on the budget before you jump in and start buying yourself a vape. Why? This is because many of the higher quality vaporizers can be pretty expensive and purchasing a vaporizer for a few hundred dollars is a big move.  Don't get me wrong you won't need to take out a mortgage to purchase a new vaporizer you'll just need to be aware of the various prices that will be floating around in the marketplace.  There are many super vapes out there that are very reasonably priced that will work just as well as some of their pricier counterparts.


When buying a vape there are so many factors that you need to take into consideration and to cover every last detail would take all day. What I would say is that people who intend to use their vaporizer in public should definitely side with getting a portable vaporizer. The modern portable is very convenient, user-friendly, and most of all discreet. When using a portable, rather than smoking a joint, you won't look like some degenerate with barely two dimes to rub together- you'll look like a sophisticated man of the modern era.

If you're looking to take your herbal in a more relaxed setting, rather than out in the public, perhaps you should side with choosing a desktop vaporizer as desktops afford you a better overall experience. The level of control with a desktop is superb, and when you couple this with the sublime standard of the vapes you know you're going to be on to a winner. Overall, I'd have to say that what suits me may not necessarily suit you. 



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