VAPE CHART - Find out how long before your Vaporizer pays for itself in herb savings [INFOGRAPHIC]

Forget ROI (Return on Investment) this Vape Payback Chart is designed to calculate your ROV (Return On Vaporizer)! In other words how long will it take for your Vaporizer investment to pay for itself through savings on your aromatherapy blends? We've crunched the numbers and uncovered some astonishing results.



There you have it. Take the Arizer Extreme Q for example, within 8 months the unit has paid for itself through herb savings. Every dollar you spend on herbs from here on in equates to money staying in your pocket!

One final note - in our experience most users will save at least 30% of their herbs when using a Vaporizer. If you are diligent about grinding your herbs properly, replace your screens on a regular basis and generally care for your investment you will most likely expereince closer to 50% savings!