Vape Recipes | Can You Mix What You Vape?

Hey guys, thanks for checking out today's post! We're going to be talking about mixing up your herbs! This is going to be an interesting topic to discuss as vaporizers can be used of course with various aromatherapy products like Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Lavender etc. as well as your special buds.

dry herbs for vaping

Let talk about combining the materials together and see what we come up with. When I was thinking about it, over the years I've seen people that like to mix their herbs. This is common in a lot of places but I was never a huge fan of the tobacco mixing in there. Since starting to use vaporizers, there are a lot more nuances in the flavor that you simply do not get when smoking.

If you've never tried a vaporizer before, you will be blown away by the flavor and how good it tastes. You know the smell when you open up a bag? Well, it will really taste just like that. When you're burning you're losing all the Terpenes that make up the unique flavor of that strain. Anyways back on topic, what I'm getting at is that a vaporizer will really give you the true flavor of your materials. 

You can mix your materials together though. There is a lot of research out there on the benefits of various aromatherapy herbs for all types of ailments. Thankfully we sell them all here ant Namaste Vapes and you can order them right along with your dry herb vaporizer. What you want to consider is the vaporization temperature of the herbs you're using. For example, some herbs will not require as high to vaporize so be careful not to overheat the mixture and keep it at a low temp!

What I actually find a little more interesting is the idea of mixing other types of materials like wax and oil in with your herbs! For example, you can pack a bowl on the Might full with pollen that you collect from your grinder.

That goes straight in the bowl and it's very cool to watch as it condenses and vaporizes. You can pack pollen in with your herbs together into the bowl to get an extra potent punch when hitting your vape!

Waxes and oils are a little trickier thought due to their consistency and will often need a stainless steel (liquid pad) to contain the oil so it heats evenly. You can crumble up a little shatter a load it into your vape and get great results, tried, tested and true! 

There are so many interesting ways that you can use a vaporizer and we have yet to discover them all!