Vape Review: Arizer Extreme Q
Arizer Extreme Q,  probably the well-known name for desktop vaporizers – however even among the wide range of desktop units we sell, a few stand out. Near the top of the list for quality and popularity.

What Is It?

Arizer Extreme Q The Arizer Extreme Q is a multi-purpose desktop vaporizer. It allows you to use either a whip (tube) or a balloon to enjoy your vapor – and can handle both concentrates and loose leaf material.

The base itself also has a wide range of temperature and fan settings – and even comes with a handy remote to make controlling the vape convenient and easy without having to sit right in front of it all the time.

The Good

The Extreme Q really is all about dollar value. Because it’s able to handle just about any vaping task, it’s rated fairly high among our desktop units. Worth noting as well is the vapor quality, which is on par with some much more expensive vaporizer units.

While the Extreme Q has been around for a number of years, the current version is also more compact, quieter, and more energy efficient – all of which adds to its overall value.

The remote’s also a surprisingly handy convenience – being able to control your vape’s heat and fan speed while sitting back and relaxing, or even from across the room, is a nice added touch to its value.

The Not So Good

One of the usual concerns about the Extreme Q is that the small glass components require some careful handling – as such, becoming comfortable with the unit takes a bit of time.

The fan, while compact and efficient, is also slower than some higher end models, so filling a balloon takes a bit longer, and fan-assisted drawing from the tube is also a bit less efficient.

Who Should Use It?

The Arizer Extreme Q is a decent entry-level desktop vape, if you’re looking for a real jack-of-all-trades item, and are willing to take the time to get used to using it. At the EQ’s very low price-point, it’s definitely worth checking out no matter your level of experience.