Vape Review: Haze Vaporizer - Vaping with Dual Bowls

The Haze is a new portable vaporizer from Haze Technologies that has generated some excitement among the vape community as it is the first portable vaporizer to feature a dual bowl system - that works for any combination of dry aromatic blends, waxes/oils and concentrates.

Haze Vaporizer

What Is It?

The Haze comes included with conduction and convections screens which allow you to change the way you vaporizer your materials in the chambers. The conduction screens have no sides which mean that your materials have direct exposure to the heating chamber walls which result in a different affect and flavor using the vaporizer. Each bowl is isolated from each other and is sealed when you close the metal lid on the outside of the unit. You can control which bowl is being used by flipping the mouthpiece lid from one side to the other.

You can also use the convection screens which basically ensure that your materials do not go in to direct contact with the heating element internally which will change the flavor slightly and also result in a lighter vapor. So if you're after thick clouds of vapor we recommend using the conduction screens instead.

The Good

The Haze is known for the dual chambers and Haze Technologies has actually pulled this off pretty well. The different screens give you a chance to heat your materials to your taste and preference. On top of this, the Haze features four temperature settings ranging from 365F to 415F. This setting is relayed via a nice simple LED lighting system so you get immediate feedback and know roughly what temperature you're at.

Overall, the build on the Haze is very high quality and feels solid to hold in your hand. It has a stylish metallic casing which opens to expose the two bowls on the inside. The metallic casing also makes the Haze easy to grip - this means you're less prone to dropping the Haze than you would some other portable vaporizers.

Battery life on the Haze is excellent, and with the rechargeable and removable batteries you can pre-charge which is very convenient.

The Not So Good

One of the downsides we can see is that the vapor quality and production on this vape is a little below average in comparison with some other of the top end premium portable vapes on the market. Heating the chamber on The Haze itself takes anywhere from 60 to 90 seconds to heat depending on the temperature your using, which also affects the battery life on a full charge. This is a little longer than some of the other new portables on the market. This is not a huge problem especially considering how well the dual bowls work, but it is worth mentioning.

Who Should Use It?

If you're looking for a stylish and stealthy vaporizer with the convenience of having pre-loaded bowls that can be dried blends, concentrate waxes/oils or liquids this may just be the vape for you! NamasteVapes is proud to have become an authorized dealer for Haze Technologies and is now stocking the Haze. Order yours today!

This model of Haze vaporizer is discontinued and new version is available on the market. Checkout the new Haze Vape or read comparison review here!



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