Vape Review: Volcano, The Luxury Desktop Vape

Volcano Desktop Vaporizer | Namaste VapesWe’re committed to making sure we've got the very best selection of vaporizers on the web.

From budget portables to the best, high-end desktop vapes, we try to make sure we have something for everyone – so how could we not talk about one of the best vapes on the market?

Even among our more expensive desktop units, the Volcano stands out. Its long history of quality and great customer feedback put this desktop in a class on its own.

What Is It?

The Volcano is a desktop vaporizer, built with simple controls (power, fan, temperature), a removable oven, and designed to work with special Easy Valve balloons – some of which are included with the unit.

It’s one of the more expensive desktop vapes, but for good reason.

The Good

The Volcano’s construction is very solid – it’s a heavy unit, mostly made of metal, and certainly feels more substantial than some other desktop units. It’s this solid construction that sets this vape apart; the Volcano has been approved by a number of agencies as a medical aid device, specifically because of the precision engineering both of the unit, and the temperature control. The consistency of vapor it produces really is a cut above.

Recent versions include either a “Solid Valve” balloon set or the “Easy-Valve” system - it’s a small convenience, but it’s little things like that which set the Volcano apart. The Solid Valve option is similar to most units on the market; each balloon, once detached from the vape, needs to be closed manually by twisting a small knob on the side of its attachment ring – this stops vapor from escaping temporarily, and must be opened again when you want to draw from the balloon.

On the other hand – and this is where the convenience comes in - Easy-Valve balloons come pre-assembled with their vape attachment. When removed from the Volcano – and when the mouthpiece is attached – a small aperture closes within the Easy-Valve balloon closure, to make sure no vapor escapes the balloon. Only drawing from the balloon, or reattaching to the vaporizer, will allow air flow.

The Not So Good

The only two criticisms we have for the Volcano are the long heating time, and that the unit is balloon-only out of the box.

When some desktop vaporizers boast a 1-2 minute heating and balloon fill time, the Volcano’s nearly 5 minute wind up can feel like a pretty long time. Similarly, if you’re used to using a whip-style vape, getting used to using a balloon can be somewhat off-putting.

Who Should Use It?

If you’re ready to invest in a vaporizer for long-term use – one that’s high quality, easy to use and clean – and you like the convenience of using a balloon, the Volcano’s second to none.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this or any other unit we offer.

Order your Volcano desktop vaporizer today and happy vaping!