Video Review: Elevape Smart Vaporizer

This week we did a video review for the Elevape Smart Vaporizer!  The Elevape Smart Vape is the newest innovation from iPuff USA. This advanced portable unit features a revolutionary microprocessor that controls the air flow heat ratio for the most efficient vaporization possible. Unlike many other portable vaporizers that require a few minutes of waiting, the Smart Vape is capable of reaching vaporizing temperatures instantly. This brand new vaporizer is unlike any other handheld unit on the market now.

Video Transcript

Hey guys. This is Kory from Namaste Vapes, thanks for tuning in today. I am really excited to be talking about a very cool vaporizing called the Elevape by IPuff USA. This is an awesome portable vaporizer that's made in the US, it's got some amazing features. The coolest thing about this is that it basically offers instantaneous vapor the second you start drawing from it, which is something that I really haven't seen done successfully with any other vaporizer, and I was surprised at how well this works. This vaporizer also features an app where you can change the adjusted temperature settings on the units, and you can also check the battery life through an app, as well.

The fact that this thing, basically, turns on, it detects your breath, and it only activates the heating element when you're breathing and drawing from it, which is really cool, and the second you do that, it starts heating up and creating vapor instantly. I was really impressed by this overall, the product is really good quality, it's made in the US, it's solid and durable. I really do recommend this, it's a really, really great vaporizer, it offers an excellent vapor production when I was testing it, and the fact that it heats up instantly and it's a convection vaporizer means that you get very limited amount of smell and you're really conserving your herbs because the chamber doesn't stay hot after or while you're in the middle of the session, it cools down very quickly. That's a major advantage of this vaporizer and really what sets it apart from the competition.

I want to get into a little bit more details with you. I'm going to do an unboxing, a review, and discuss how to operate this vaporizer most efficiently, but I think you guys are going to like it. I was very pleasantly surprised and enjoyed using this. I think I'll be using it again, so let's go from there. Thanks, guys. All right, guys. Here's the packaging for the Elevape Smart Vaporizer. I can show you here, you got a photo of the vaporizer, it's simple, efficient, discrete, and it's made in America, so you know it is going to be good quality. All right. Let's do an unboxing, the lid flips open, you have your instruction manual here, which is important to read, there's a lot of great features with this vaporizer that I would recommend that you check out in the instructions.

Next, you have your vaporizer. This is the Elevape unit right here. We're going to go into quite a bit more detail about this shortly, I'm just going to complete the unboxing for you so you can see what else comes in the kit. You have a zipper zip-up carrying case that comes with the unit. It's a nice little accessory if you're going to bring this on the go. I would not want to scratch the outside of the unit, so I would definitely recommend taking this with you on the go. You'll see, I have a polyfoam layer here you can remove after you've taken the vaporizer and the carrying case out, and there's a hidden little layer accessory kit down here.

Elevape Smart Vaporizer


Okay. You have a USB wall charger socket. This is an American one as the manufacturer is American-based, but we always make sure to supply appropriate plugs for our international customers that's supplied with the kit, but that being said, you do get this USB cable, so you can also just charge it on your computer, as well, which is really convenient. It's a nice little small package USB charging cable right here. Then you have replacement screens for the vaporizer, there are mouthpiece screens, and then the screen for the heating chamber itself. You also have a hex key here, which can be used to essentially dismantle the whole unit, it's really cool. This is a modular base vaporizer. You can take apart sections of it if you need to for repairs or for cleaning, so this is a nice little feature that you don't really see a lot with other vaporizers, and then the other two accessories you get are this multipurpose tool, which can be used for packing the chamber, for cleaning, whatever, it's really convenient. This is a common tool that's supplied with a lot of other vaporizers, as well.

Elevape Smart Vaporizer


You get that and then you have your cleaning brush, which is perfect for cleaning the chamber on your Elevape. That's what you get in the kit. Let's close this up. I'm going to go into a little bit more details now about the vaporizer itself, which I've got right here. Okay. I'm going to turn it around. This is Ele
vape, this is the side here. Essentially, to start out, you have three temperature settings, one, two, and three. These are built in but this unit has an app that you can download. When you log in with the app, you can actually change the preset temperatures, and then it also gives you an indicator for your battery life, as well. Here you can see we have the USB charging port, and then there's the charging indicator light here, which will essentially tell you it will flash up orange if the unit is charging, it will turn green when it's fully charged.Elevape Smart Vaporizer



The manufacturer recommends upon initial charging, that you plug it in, connect it and let it charge for at least five hours. Okay. This is the way the unit sits like that. This indicator light right here is really interesting and this is the only vaporizer I've ever seen of this caliber. Some of the e-cigs might do this, but this vaporizer, as soon as you start drawing from the mouthpiece here, it detects your breath, and that's what actually activates the heating element. The reason that this creates instantaneous vapor is the second that you start drawing, this little heating element inside of here is activated, and it creates instant vapor, which is something that's really unique with this product, because there have been other products that claim instant vapor production, but is really not the case because they all have a heat-up time that's required before you can start vaping, but literally with this one, the minute you start drawing off of it, it's creating vapor, which is really amazing. It's definitely a unique feature.

This is the body of the vaporizer here. Otherwise, you have your battery section here. This is the chamber where you want to pack your herbs. To open it, you just twist this 90 degrees sideways, and then it will pop open. You lift up the lid, and it's really solid. You can feel when you take this off, it's really designed and built really well. That comes off there, and you pack very small amounts of herbs into the chamber. I actually have some organic chamomile leaves here. I'm just going to do a demonstration, I'll show you. You want to fill the chamber up. Again, this is a convection vaporizer, so it doesn't depend, as much, on having a really tightly packed bowl like some of the conduction vaporizers do. At the end of the day, vaporizers like this really conserve your herbs a lot more than some of the conduction ones. Again, because this is only being activated when you take a draw, it cools down really quickly, as well, so you're making most efficient use of your herbs, and that's something you can see when you're done vaping. You can open up this chamber and take a look at the herbs and see all the ingredients that have been extracted from it.

You want to fill this up, you don't want to fill it up past that little line, essentially, in the bowl there. You can see they have a filling line. To put it back on, you just take the cover, put it back this way, and then you just rotate it around back to its original position back there. That literally is all you do, that's packed now. You flip it over this way. I'll try to show you this here with the chamomile leaves. I'll see if I can get in and do a little draw for you. Again, with convection vaporizers like this, the slower that you draw, the more time the air has to flow over the herbs, and the thicker vapor that you'll get. I'll do this, but note that with chamomile, it depends on each product that you're using in here, how dense the vapor is. Let's do a demonstration with the organic chamomile leaves. 

Elevape Smart Vaporizer

Okay. I'm not sure if you could see the vapor, but it was great vapor production and an amazing flavor on that. As you're drawing, you can see the pulsating light that adjusts itself as you draw with your speed and strength of your draw, so it's really interesting. The unit is already cooled down again, you get really minimal scent off of this, so it's more discrete than a conduction vaporizer because you're not going to get the same potency of the smell as a conduction vaporizer, where it's basically baking the product in an oven. This way, it's just running hot air over the herbs and extracting your vapor that way. Overall, I would say this is a very high-tech unit. The fact that it's a portable purely convection vaporizer in such a small package, and that it has this breath detection that works so well, I'm very impressed with this unit.

The build quality is very good, it's made out of an aluminum material, it's very solid, it's metal. You can remove this mouthpiece here very easily, just pulls irte out, and then you can see there's a screen on the inside here that's very easy to replace, and then you can also replace the screen, as well, inside of the heating chamber section. I won't really go into a lot of detail now, but essentially what you do for that, when you take this off here, you can use the Allen key or the hex key that's supposed with the product. You can remove these bolts and this whole thing just disassembles. You can change the screen really easily.

Here you can see the herbs, the chamomile in there, just with the one draw, you can see the change in the color of the herbs, which show you that you're basically getting all the goods out of product, and that it's very efficient with that, as well. The use of this is very simple, you can repack the chamber very easily, it's not complicated, there's no buttons to operate it. The only thing you're ever going to do is change your temperature settings here. Again, when you use the app, you can easily change the set temperatures for these settings here, as well as get a view of the battery life on the unit. This basically covers the Elevape. It's a very simple vaporizer to use, but I think it's quite complicated in its technology, and that's what I really like about it. It's an elegant solution, it works very well, it's definitely, I would say, a connoisseur's vape that offers excellent flavor and vapor quality, it's nice and cool vapor, and the fact that it just instantaneously generates vapor like that is really amazing.

That very, very unique product, I really enjoyed using it. I think you guys will like it, as well. Check it out, guys. This is the Elevape by IPuff USA, made in America, top quality product, very effective unit, and I highly recommend it. Thanks for tuning in guys. I hope you enjoyed the review. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please reach out to us. You can contact us directly, subscribe to our YouTube page, get all the latest reviews, and subscribe for a newsletter to get exclusive discounts and deals on vaporizers. Thanks very much, ladies and gentlemen, have a great day.

Peace and blessings to all of you. Namaste.




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