VapirRise Vaporizer

The VapirRise is one of our favorite desktop vaporizers.  It has some incredible features that make it stand out among the rest of the desktop vaporizers that are on the market. The new VapirRise features a precise touchpad control system (with option for both Celcius and Fahrenheit temperature display) and accurate temperature readings, direct (whip) inhalation or balloon bag inhalation, and an exclusive multi-user adapter allows vape sessions with up to four people at once.


Kory:  Hey, guys, this is Kory from Namaste Vapes. Thanks for tuning in. Today we're here to talk about the brand new VapirRise Ultimate 2.0 desktop vaporizer by Vapir based in the USA. This is a very high quality plug-in vaporizer that is a forced air convection based system. It works for bag and balloon fills, but then it also has different modes for whip style. There's a single whip adapter and then a multi-whip adapter, which allows this to be used essentially as a hookah where you can have up to 4 users at the same time using whips simultaneously. This offers digital temperature controls and various fan speeds. It's a really well-built unit, high quality and great value. We're going to go into a little bit more detail. I want to do an unboxing, show you what comes with the VapirRise, and then we'll do a review and demonstration of the various modes that are available for this model.

Check it out, guys. The VapirRise Ultimate 2.0. This is the new model of it here. You can see it's a new package and new box we have in stock available in 110 and 220 volt models for our international customers so let's get into a little more detail. Thanks. Okay, guys. Here's what comes in the kit with your VapirRise 2.0 Ultimate. First we have the VapirRise unit itself. You have your instruction manual, which is very detailed and covers everything you need to know about this model. They have a really, really nice, quick start guide, graphical user, quick start guide that's very helpful. This is exactly what I used in reading to learn how to use this unit. Okay. Here we have, you get a set of 3 bags or balloons that you can use for the bag-filling mode. These are really nice quality bags that can be used in the convection mode to fill.

VapirRise Vaporizer


Then one thing I want to comment on, here you get a really nice, with this unit, you get a really nice medical grade silicone tubing. This is very high quality tubing for your whips. A lot of the other vaporizers don't carry this kind of product or material for their whips. They can carry plastic or rubber tubes. This is a really high grade, high quality product, really nice that they added this in with it. I think it shows a lot about the quality and how much they care about these products. You get 3 sets of the whip tubing here. The other 2 are in the bag. These are the little plastic, mouthpiece tips that can go directly onto the whip tubing when you're using it in whip mode. It's really easy to connect, and that's what you get with it there. I'll set these aside for you, and I'm just going to show you quickly what comes in the accessory pack.

This is a really nicely packed accessory box here. Okay. Here we have your oil canister, which is for essential oils or concentrates. Then this is your dry herb chamber. They're basically the same except the dry herb chamber has a screen on the bottom for air flow. Then this one is completely solid all the way through, what you would want to use for essential oils. Both of these connect into your chamber adapter the same way. The chamber adapter is what connects the actual bowl. This is a nice mesh screen. What this does it pushes down the herbs in the chamber for most efficient use. Your chamber just simply connects onto the bottom of the adapter, and then this adapter goes straight into the unit. Once it's in the unit, then you can choose to either use the single whip adapter, which just slides in place and locks in.

You'd want to use the unit with one single whip for whip mode. Then the really, really cool part about this, which I love, is they have this multi-whip adapter, so you can use it the same way but then you can hook up 4 separate whips at the same time, and these little valves, which is here, just release each of these ports for each of the 4 whips. It's really cool if you're with a group or you're at a party, you can hook this up in hookah mode, and you can use 4 different whips at the same time. Both of the single whip and the multi-whip adapters connect into the chamber adapter the same way. They just basically screw on and twist in place. Then this whole assembly just goes right into the unit, and then your whip connects under the top, so it's very simple to use. That covers the use of the different chambers and the adapters for the whips.

VapirRise Vaporizer



You have a couple extra of the plastic mouthpiece tips here. Then you get a really nice cleaning brush with it as well. These are the accessories that come with the vaporizer that allow you to basically use it in your multi-whip mode, your single whip mode or if you're going to do it with a bag fill, you just use the single whip adapter connected to your bag to inflate. That covers all the accessories that come with the product. I'm going to just show you a little bit quickly, we're going to get into more detail about the vaporizer when we do the demonstration, but as you can see, really nice feature on the bottom of the vaporizer. This opens up, and they actually have a HEPA air filter inside of this unit, so it's really nice that you can change this out, so that you know the air that's coming into the vaporizer is clean and filtered.

This just basically screws back in place like this, locks, and then I'll flip back the unit. This unit is really nice. It's got digital temperature controls. You have your temperature controls here and then your fan settings here, so you can adjust the speed of the fan, which will determine the thickness of the vapor when you're doing a bag fill. You generally wouldn't want to use the fan in whip mode. It's possible but not particularly recommended. We're going to go into a little more detail. We want to do a demonstration of the single and multi-user adapters and talk about the overall use of the unit. We're going to get into some more details then. Thanks.

Okay, guys. Let's get in for a little demonstration here. I've got everything we need. I've got our chamber adapter. I've got our herb chamber. This is the multi-user whip adapter. This is the single whip adapter, and then this is something called the hot chamber grabber. This is a really great little product. You definitely need to be using this because it is designed to remove the chamber. After a session, this chamber comes out of the unit. It's going to be very hot, so you want to use the hot chamber grabber. It just slides over top. You squeeze on the sides, and you can pull out your chamber without burning your hands. It's very important that you remember to use this, and you don't touch this when it comes out of your vaporizer.

Okay, guys. I just want to show you quickly because for this purpose of the demonstration, I'm not going to be using the multi-whip adapter, but I do want to show you how it works. What you would want to do in that case, if you want to use this if you're at a party or with a group of people, you fill your herb chamber up. You can fill this up basically halfway or even a third of the way, and it works well. It does work well because you have this screen that pushes down. Once you have your herbs in here packed in, this slides right over top. You click this on. Then this piece slides right into the top here, twist it in place, and then your multi-user whip adapter here just goes on top, and it screws in place. Then now you have 4 different ports that you can connect your whips to. When you have your silicone whip tubing, you can slide it over the center one. 

It's important to note the center port here is always open. If you're just one person, or you're doing a bag fill with this, you always have to make sure that you have at least that one covered. Then what you can do is go ahead and connect your other whips depending on how many you want to use to each of these different ports. If I'm going to have 2 only or 3, then you just release these valves here, open these up and now this one and that one will be open for use, or you can close them up if you are just using it for one person that way. That's how you use the multi-whip adapter. Again, for the purpose of this demonstration though, I am going to be using the single whip adapter. Let's get into little details. Let's just unscrew this chamber here. I'm going to show you how everything works. I can take it off with my hands now, obviously, because it's not hot.

What you want to do is take your chamber, pack it with your herbs. You don't need to fully pack this chamber. It is quite a large chamber, so you don't have to pack it fully. Load it up. See I've got it maybe only a quarter of the way full here. You connect the adapter over top like this, okay. Then this just slides into place on the top of the unit, screws right on. Then the next thing you do is you put in your single user whip adapter on the top. That goes on like that, and then you connect your whip just like so. Last but not least, you need to make sure your unit is plugged in and turned on. When I turn this on, you'll see it'll start heating up automatically. You can change between celsius and fahrenheit by pressing the heat button. It just flipped over, it's at 200 celsius.

I'm going to turn it down. Personally, I like to be right around, usually around 185 is my choice temperature for vaporizing, so I'll leave it there. Okay. All right, guys. I've got the unit, it's all heated up. I've got my silicone whip attached with my mouthpiece. I'm going to show you how great this unit is. It works so well. The vapor is very, very smooth, nice and thick clouds with this, really great unit. I'm going to stop talking here. I'm going to take a nice long draw and show you how well this works. Wow, so really, really thick clouds of vapor, excellent flavor, good quality, love this unit, guys. You saw it yourself, big clouds with a VapirRise vapir right here, loving it, great unit, well-built product, great quality.

I have nothing bad to say about this unit. I absolutely love it. I would say this is the best value desktop vaporizer for the price because it's affordable and with it you're getting a great quality product. You're getting digital temperature controls, variable speed fan, nice display screen. You have your whip mode where you can use a single whip. You can use 4 whips at the same time with this, and you can also do bag fills. It's a very versatile unit. It covers a lot of bases for me, highly recommended. This is at the top choice for me for a desktop vaporizer that has all the bells and whistles. I think you guys will really enjoy it. Thanks for tuning into the video today. Please subscribe to our Facebook page. Check us out on our YouTube, watch our videos, keep up with the latest products and innovations in the industry. Thanks for tuning in today, guys, really hope you enjoyed the video.

Peace and blessings.



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