The Volcano Vaporizer Face-off: Volcano Classic vs Volcano Hybrid

Storz & Bickel are without a doubt the biggest name in the vaporizer industry. They are the sort of brand that defines a scene, forcing each and every one of their peers to try and measure up to them. Unfortunately, despite over a decade and some truly incredible releases, no one has managed to so much as come close to the German Vape Giants.

So, who do we turn to if we want a fair match-up? Well, naturally if you want to match Storz & Bickel, you turn to Storz & Bickel. 

The Volcano Classic is the OG of the vape scene. Before it came along, vaporizers were a niche gadget at most. Its iconic conical design and incredible hybrid heating system reinvented the vape industry overnight, making it what it is today. The Classic volcano vaporizer is so good that there is still an overwhelming demand for it all these years later. 

Of course, Storz & Bickel are far from one-hit-wonders. Over the years they have pumped out classic after classic, from the Volcano vaporizers to the portable Mighty vaporizer. One of the most recent releases was the Volcano Hybrid. This vaporizer is touted as a modernization of the Volcano, featuring digital controls and bluetooth connectivity. 

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Which of these two incredibly iconic vapes is the best iteration of the Volcano? Which is the better vaporizer? There's only one way to find out!

The Volcano Classic Vs Volcano Hybrid: A Quick Comparison

Features Volcano Classic Volcano Hybrid
Price: $392.78 $573.18
Compatible With:  Dry Herb Dry herb & Concentrates
Dimensions: 7.9” x 7.1” x 7.9” 7.9” x 7.1” x 7.9”
Weight: 3.5lb 6.3lb
Chamber Capacity: 0.75g 0.75g
Heating System: Hybrid Hybrid
Battery: N/A N/A
Temperature Range: 266°F - 446°F 104° F - 446° F
Temperature Display: Dial LED Display
Auto Shut Off: No Yes
Smartphone Compatibility: No Yes
Notable Functions: Easy Valve Balloons Phone App
What’s in the Box:

1 x Volcano Classic Vaporizer

1 x Aromatherapy Filling Chamber

1 x Balloon Set x Normal Screen Set

1 x Air Filter Set 1 x Liquid Pad 1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Herb Mill

1 x VOLCANO HYBRID vaporizer

1 x Power Cord

3 x EASY VALVE Balloon with Mouthpiece

1 x EASY VALVE Balloon with Adapter

1 x Tube System

1 x Filling Chamber (including: 1 Cap Ring, 1 

Normal Screen Set, 1 Concentrate Pad, 1 Cleaning Brush)

1 x Air Filter Set

1 x Herb Mill


Warranty: 3 Year warranty 3 Year Warranty

Design: The Volcano Classic Vs Volcano Hybrid

The Volcano Classic was the first vaporizer to introduce us to the classic, distinctive, and iconic cone that gives the volcano vaporizer its name. The classic is just that, a classic. The biggest influence on the shape of the Volcano is its function, this is a device that avoids all the bells and whistles in favor of something that just works! Don't worry, it's far from a cold and utilitarian piece of tech, it has a satisfying quality that can only come from high-quality engineering. 

The face of the Classic is dominated by the analog dial that allows users to control the device's heat setting. This gives the Volcano a curious, retro-futuristic appeal. The temperature, fan, and power indicators are all displayed via chunky LED lights. There's not much I can say about the Classic that you don't know, it's a distinctive, attractive, and impressive vaporizer that looks as good now as it did the day of its initial release.

The Volcano Hybrid design is a testament to the saying; 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!' It retains all of the classic design beats of the original Volcano vaporizer; its cone, black base, and chrome finish. However, it does update some design elements to be more familiar to modern users. For example, rather than the analog dial, it has a digital control scheme and display that makes it much more approachable for modern users. Overall, this is a vape that is true to the Volcano aesthetic while putting a mild, non-intrusive modern spin on it. 

It's hard to pick a winner between these two vaporizers when they're nearly identical. While there are small differences here and there, we're going to have to go with a draw!

Winner: Draw

Ease of Use: The Volcano Classic Vs Hybrid

The Volcano Classic is a premium vaporizer that is faithful to an older design philosophy. It doesn't use digital controls, presets, or button control systems. Instead, it uses an analog dial and circuit breaker buttons. This gives it a fantastic, retro design that is one of its main draws. However, while the analog dial is a great and intuitive way to control the device, it does take a little time to get used to. It operates more on feel than anything else. While this method has its legions of fans, it isn't the most instantly accessible system. Newcomers and casual users may find it a bit foreboding. 

The Volcano Hybrid, true to its intention to be a modernization of the Volcano vaporizer, has everything the contemporary vape fan would expect. It features a large digital display that lets you know exactly what's going on inside your vaporizer. It features a multi-button control system that makes adjusting its temperature setting simple and accurate to a single degree. On top of this, it also features bluetooth connectivity that allows you to control it via the Storz & Bickel app. 

For sheer, straightforward ease of use, the Hybrid comes out on top in this category. Of course, the analog dial of the Volcano classic has its advantages, but when it comes to instant understanding and familiarity, the digital controls of the Hybrid can't be beaten. 

Winner: Volcano Hybrid

Temperature Options: The Volcano Classic Vs Volcano Hybrid

The Volcano vaporizer is well known for its impressive range of temperature options. It offers a huge spectrum that allows users to enjoy a massive range of different vape experiences. Using the dia on the classic, you can select from a temperature range that stretches from 266°F all the way up to 446°F

The Volcano Hybrid has a wider heating range that stretches from 104°F-446°F. However, small improvements on the conduction side of its hybrid heating system mean that this range offers improved vapor production on higher settings. 

This is a clear draw. The main differences between these vaporizers don't apply to their temperature options. 

Winner: Volcano Hybrid

Vapor Quality: The Volcano Classic Vs Volcano Hybrid

Storz & Bickle have built their name on the incredible level of vapor quality. So it should come as no surprise that the Volcano Classic has truly legendary vapor production. This is all down to its unique hybrid heating system. 

The German Vape giants have devised a unique system that uses a synergy of conduction and convection heating to get the very most out of your herb. On top of this, the Volcano Classic has a truly incredible level of airflow. Its iconic conical design is for so much more than show, allowing your vapor to circulate and aerate. This results in dense, tasty, smooth, and incredibly pure vapor. 

The Volcano Hybrid has all of these features too, however it also has two additional metal plates that gradually heat up during your vape session. These help increase conduction vaporization at certain temperatures. 

Naturally, this is going to be another draw. While the hybrid has a marginally more modern heating system, it doesn't change the fact that both of these volcano vaporizers have equally great vapor quality. 

Winner: Draw

Cleaning and Maintenance: The Volcano Classic Vs Volcano Hybrid

By desktop and premium vaporizer standards, the Volcano Classic is easy to maintain. Of course, new users will still need to get a feel for it over the course of a few sessions. One of the most important things you can do when it comes to maintenance is to ensure that you empty the herb chamber after each use, this stops grime from building up too quickly. When you want to do a deeper clean, it can help to have a few supplies. This can include isopropyl alcohol and a soft-bristled brush.

To start, you need to carefully take apart the easy valve system found at the top of the devices, remove the loading chamber, and the herb screens. These are the components that will come into contact with alcohol. It's very important to keep alcohol or any liquid cleaner away from the electronics in the base of the Volcano. 

Overall, cleaning does require more disassembly than portable vape fans are used to and can be time-consuming. 

The Hybrid, much like the Classic, works best if you empty the herb chamber after each and every session. It comes apart much like the Classic but features some differences that need to be addressed. 

The whip that comes with the Hybrid needs different cleaning techniques. You'll need to detach it from the rest of the device and carefully sluice the insides with warm water and cleaning fluid. Before you use the Hybrid after a maintenance session, it's important to put it through a test heating session. This will ensure that any residual alcohol is evaporated away. This goes for the Classic, too!

Again, the two vaporizers are so similar in construction that it’s impossible to draw a winner.

Winner: Draw!

Final Verdict: Which Is Better, The Volcano Classic Vs Volcano Hybrid?

This has been an incredibly difficult comparison article. Not only because both of these vapes are so similar, but also because they are both so close to vaporizer perfection that it's hard to find any faults at all. 

The Classic volcano vaporizer is true to the legacy of one of the landmark vaporizers. Without the original Volcano, we wouldn't have the vape industry that we have today. Its incredible hybrid heating system and iconic design has shaped the modern vaporizer industry. On top of this, its classic slightly retro design is a true joy to behold and understandable has a lot of fans. 

The Volcano Hybrid has all of the features of the Classic but pairs them with an intuitive and modern control system and easy-to-read display. It also comes bundled with a handy whip that allows you to enjoy Volcano vapor in a totally new way.

Frankly, it’s impossible to designate one of these vapes as the winner. Their appeal is totally dependent on your personal tastes. If you want a classic vape experience, then the Classic is for you. However, if you prefer things to be a little more contemporary and intuitive, then the Hybrid is a must. 

Winner: Volcano Hybrid

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