Volcano Digital Vaporizer Vs Classic - Which one comes out on top?

The Volcano Digital is discontinued and replaced by the Volcano Hybrid ! Other Storz and Bickel vaporizers can be found here.

The OG Volcano changed the game when it came out back in 2000, and it put German manufacturers Storz & Bickel on the map for creating innovative, high-quality, and high-performance vaporization devices. As one of the most highly reviewed and best-loved vapes across the community, the Volcano stood the test of time.

Storz & Bickel have created several devices since, from the hand-held Mighty to the ultra-portable Crafty, but the device that has arguably created the most debate was the release of the Volcano Digit in 2007. What did the Volcano Digit have that the Classic model didn’t? Would the Volcano Digit make the Volcano Classic obsolete? Was the Digit model really worth the extra money?

If you’re stuck between the two (or even just curious to know what all the fuss is about) read on to see our break down of the biggest pros and cons of each device.

Volcano Classic


Simplicity is often the key to success, and with the Classic Volcano model the simplicity of its design has stood the test of time for almost twenty years.

Because the Classic is powered by pure analog technology, it’s more durable than the Digit model. Without any electronics that can short-circuit or fail over its life span, the simplicity of the Classic’s power is key to its longer life span – which has been known to last over a decade.


At a stretch, you could say that the regimentation of analog heating technology with the Classic is one drawback from the older model. With the Classic, users choose a heat setting between 1 (266°F) and 9 (439° F), with roughly 22°F between each temperature setting. While you’re not getting the precise temperature control you get with the Digit, for a lot of users having pre-set temperatures approved by the experts at S&B handed to them on a silver platter is just dandy.

Storz & Bickel even include a handy guide to find the best temperature setting for your dried product of choice, to get the maximize performance out of your material.

One considerable drawback with the analog technology is that there is a 9°F variation in your chosen set temperature – meaning the temperature of your device will actually waver within a 9°F scale of the setting you’ve chosen. This won’t have too drastic an impact on your dried product , but it’s definitely something to keep in mind when choosing between the two.

Volcano Digital


The modern digital technology that comes with the Volcano Digit gives users much more precise temperature control, with the ability to adjust heat settings in single degree increments ranging from 104°F to 446°F. There’s also less temperature variability, thanks to the electric thermostat which keeps the temperature within a 2.7°F range of the set heat, unlike the 9°F variation you get with the Classic model.

The digital display included with the newer Volcano model is arguably more user-friendly, as it includes a large display screen that lets you know the precise heating level.


While we understand that auto-shut off timers are an important safety feature, truth be told they can really get in the way of a great relaxing session. The Digit’s 30-minute auto-shut off feature can really stem the flow of a relaxing night in vaping with friends, when you have to wait for your device to heat up all over again to fill a new balloon. The Classic model doesn’t feature an auto-shut off feature, so if you prefer a device that won’t low-key parent you then the older model may be right for you – just remember to turn it off when you’re done.

The biggest drawback the Digit model has is in the price-tag – with the newer model setting you back around $130. However, if you have a larger budget and the features that come with the Digit model are a huge plus for you, $130 extra can be pretty inconsequential. 


At the end of the day, these are two great devices with exactly the same convection heating systems, so the quality of the vapor is essentially identical between the two devices. Any choice between the two really comes down the user favorability, and what traits you personally prefer in a desktop device. With either device you’ll get the smooth, large vapor clouds and clean pure taste that Storz & Bickel built their name on almost 20 years ago.

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