Volcano Hybrid Cleaning and Maintenance

The Volcano Hybrid: Cleaning and maintenance guide 

Taking apart and cleaning your Storz and Bickel Volcano Hybrid vaporizer may seem like a complicated task at hand but after reading our guide, you will quickly become a pro. 

Properly cleaning and maintaining the Volcano Hybrid is a necessity if you want to ensure the purest tasting vapor and the longevity of your device. Luckily, the process of cleaning the Volcano Hybrid isn’t too much different than that of the Classic. Depending on your use, cleaning should be conducted on the Hybrid about twice a month. 

This volcano vaporizer guide covers everything you need to know about keeping up with your Hybrid. We will walk you through every step towards enjoying pure tasting and powerful vapor from a nice and clean Volcano Hybrid.

Cleaning the Base 

The base of the Volcano Hybrid does not require much attention at all. If you notice that the Volcano Hybrid’s base has accumulated some dust or dirt, you can simply take a soft damp cloth and gently wipe down the entirety of the base. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners or alcohol to clean the base. This wipe down should be done about every few weeks or whenever you feel that it is necessary. 

Cleaning the Valves and Balloon 

You will notice the same Easy Valve Balloons that are on both the Hybrid and the Classic Volcano. These easy valve balloons do not need to be cleaned but simply thrown away when dirty, valve and all. 

If you happen to use solid valves then there will be a bit more of a clean up for you, since all parts will need to be separated and properly cleaned. To take apart the mouthpiece, just pull the lip piece off the metal cylinder and then slide the cylinder from the housing. For the valve, start with removing the balloon by loosening the plastic slip ring and sliding the balloon fixation ring from the valve housing, and detaching the bag. 

Take your finger and push the valve cylinder up from the bottom of the valve housing until you can unscrew the valve cap. You can now remove the blue valve ring and after doing so the valve cylinder and spring should pop out automatically. These components form the mouthpiece and valve can be put into a container of warm soapy water.

Cleaning the Filling Chamber 

The filling chamber is the one component that will always require the most attention during the cleaning process. Begin disassembling everything and set aside the silicone and plastic parts from the others. Soak these silicone and plastic parts in a container of warm soapy water, some people even throw these pieces into a mason jar with warm water and salt and then shake it up. You can put the remaining parts of the filling chamber in isopropyl alcohol and allow it to soak for no longer than 30 minutes. Rinse everything well and allow it all to dry before reassembling. 

The Hybrid’s Disposable Whip

You may be wondering if you need to clean the long skinny whips that come with the Volcano Hybrid and luckily, the answer is no. These whips are designed to be used, thrown away, and replaced, not cleaned. Storz and Bickel recommend replacing these whips every two weeks but that can become quite wasteful for less frequent users. The best way to decide if it is time to replace the whip is to check if it is stinky and sticking to itself from the inside. If the whip has gotten sticky and stinky, then it is time to pick up some new ones. 



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