Volcano Temperature Basic Settings

Volcano Vaporizer Temperature Guide

The Volcano was crafted by one of the most trusted vaporizer brands on the market today, Storz and Bickel.

The purpose of the Volcano vaporizer is to evenly and efficiently vaporize your desired material to deliver incredibly powerful and satisfying vapor that is free of toxins. Controlling the temperature settings of the Volcano vaporizer blindly can lead to lower quality vapor.

Our guide is here to set you on the right path with your Volcano vaporizer temperature settings so that you can enjoy dense flavorful vapor in every session.

Importance of Volcano Vaporizer Temperature Settings

The main reason that vaping, as opposed to smoking, has become so popular is the health benefits that come with it. Devices like the Volcano desktop vaporizer by Storz and Bickel keep the material from combusting, which prevents users from inhaling toxins.

The goal of vaporizing is to heat the material just enough without burning the plant in any way, so you are inhaling a potent vapor instead of unhealthy smoke. As well as that, when you are vaporizing material at higher temperatures, it is burning vaporized much quicker which can make your stash disappear a whole lot faster.

The temperatures that are set by the user play a significant role in the quality of vapor that the Volcano vaporizer is going to produce.

If a user were to crank the unit up to the highest temperature every session, they run a huge risk of combusting their material and allowing toxins associated with smoking to enter their lungs.

Those that stay on the lower side of temperatures can enjoy flavorful, combustion-free vapor that is easy on the throat and lungs.

Classic vs. Hybrid Volcano Vaporizer Temperature Controls

Before we dive into the best temperature settings for the Volcano vaporizer, it is important to discuss the difference in controls on the Classic and Hybrid versions so that there is no confusion when it comes to how to set these temperatures.

Instead of a fully digital screen and two designated buttons for adjusting the temperature like the digital Volcano version, the Classic uses a numbered dial.

Each of these numbers represents a temperature. Refer to the following chart when using the Classic Volcano vaporizer:

Dial Number




















The hybrid, on the other hand, offers full temperature control within the impressively wide range of 104F-446F but the material does not typically vaporize under 350F so a good chunk of these temperatures you will not have to worry about. In fact, the Hybrid even arrives preset at 356F.

Choosing Best Volcano Vaporizer Settings with Dry Herbs

Finding the right temperature settings to use with your Volcano Vaporizer will depend on the material that you are using and your preference for vapor. If you are using dry herbs and prefer vapor that is packed with flavor but is not quite as dense and powerful, then the lower temperatures are your go-to.

When using the Hybrid Volcano vaporizer, this means staying within the temperature range of 360F-370F. When using the Classic, set the dial at 5 for nice and flavorful vapor from your herbs.

On the other hand, if you are a cloud chaser that enjoys powerful and thick vapor, then the higher temperatures are your friend. When using the hybrid, remain within the range of 370F-380F which translates to setting the dial to 6 on the Classic for ultra-powerful vapor.

Going just a little bit higher in temperature will result in smokey vapor, and anything past that is combustion which is what you want to avoid.

Choosing the Best Volcano Vaporizer Settings with Concentrate 

When using your Volcano vaporizer with concentrates, the rules are a little bit different since wax requires much higher temperature in order to properly vaporize.

For the flavor seekers, the best temperature range to stick to with concentrates while using the Hybrid is 365F-385F. For the Classic Volcano vaporizer, you can set the dial to 5. Doing so allows the Volcano to deliver incredibly pure-tasting vapor that is satisfying on the lungs.

For the fans of concentrates who like a nice, strong hit that can throw them off their feet, it is best to set the Volcano temperature anywhere within the range of 390F-410F or set the dial to 7 on the Classic. Going any higher past this, even with concentrates can begin to diminish the taste and density of the vapor. 

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