Volcano Vaporizer is Dominating the Desktop Vape Market

If you're looking for a stunning looking desktop vape, then the Volcano vaporizer is a great choice. This vape is one of the top-rated in the market, and it is extremely well made, produces good quality, great-tasting vape at the perfect temperature, and is super-easy to use as well.

Volcano Vaporizer Reviews Speak for Themselves

Volcano Vaporizer

The volcano vaporizer is made by Storz and Bickel, and a lot of enthusiasts swear by it as being the best vape they have ever tried. Volcano vapes come in two variations, which have different valve systems; the solid vale and the easy valve. There are also two different models; the classic, and the digit. 

Most people seem to lean towards the easy system, but there's a lot to like about Solid too.  

But what's the difference?

The Solid Vs Easy Valve

The Solid Valve vape consists of a durable, stainless steel system with heat-resistant plastic, and a selection of balloon sizes. If you opt for this system then you will save money on balloons, but you will need to clean the system regularly. In contrast, the Easy Valve is a maintenance-free version which comes with a single balloon size. For that convenience, however, you can expect to spend around $50 a year on replacement balloons.

For those who vape a lot, the Solid Valve is a better choice because it will save money in the long term. It is a matter of personal preference, though. If you're busy (or just lazy, and there's nothing wrong with being lazy) then the Easy Valve could well make more sense.

Either way, the Volcano uses the classic style of forced-air system to fill up the balloons. There are a couple of different versions of 'interface' of it to choose from, and each system has its own benefits. You can use a digital or a classic interface. The Digital version is called 'Digit' and has an automatic shutoff timer to save energy.

The Classic, on the other hand, does not have a shutoff timer. A lot of people like to use the classic and leave it running all day. The manufacturers advise against this, saying that it may decrease the lifespan of the unit, but some reviewers have used the Classic for several years and not had any issues leaving it running, so it honestly depends on how long you need the unit to last.

The Digit costs around $120 more than the Classic, and for that extra money, you get a digital display as well as the auto shut-off timer. It's up to you whether you think that digital displays are worth the extra cash, given that the old-fashioned dial is perfectly simple to use and still gives you decent control over the device.

Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve

So What Makes it So Popular?

Part of the reason that the Volcano Vaporizer is so popular is that between the different balloon options and the choice of the Volcano Digital and the Volcano Classic there is something for everyone. You can spend as much or as little as you want, and you get control over the vaping experience.

The vapes are flexible, reliable, and high quality, and you can tweak the vaping experience to suit your needs. Start on a low temp, and knock it up towards the end for an experience that builds as your taste buds do.

Storz and Bickel are a trusted name in the world of vaping, and a lot of people will have experience of some of their other devices. This makes it easy to make the leap to the volcano. Yes, it's a substantial investment, but it's one that will last for many years and that provides easy vaping on demand, with not much in the way of maintenance costs.

There are lower-cost desktop vapes out there, but once you have tasted the flavor of the volcano vape it's easy to understand why people are so enthusiastic about the Volcano. Everything about it, from the ease of use to the control over temperature and vapor quality is so much better.  This is a vape for people who want a hassle-free, reliable and efficient desktop device, with the kind of consistency that you just cannot get out of a portable.


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