Volcano Vaporizer Solid Valve vs Easy Valve

Both the Classic and Hybrid Volcano vaporizers by Storz and Bickel arrive with what they call “easy valves.”

“Solid valves” can be purchased separately and provide a different experience when it comes to performance and maintenance.

But which valve set is right for you?

It’s all about preference at the end of the day, and this guide will highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each set so that you choose what works for you without the hassle.

Volcano Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel

Storz and Bickel released the Classic Volcano desktop vaporizer over two decades ago, releasing the Hybrid not too long after. These devices have pioneered the development of desktop vaporizers all over the market. 

The Classic unit has a volcano-shaped base with a dial for temperature, and 2 buttons for heat and air with a control light in the middle. The Hybrid version of the Volcano has an added digital screen that clearly reads the current and desired temperature of the device.

Instead of a dial, the Hybrid has “+” and “-” that are used to adjust the temperature. This model can also be controlled by phone using their app as well.

Both of these Volcano versions are used with either easy or solid valves with a mouthpiece and bag. 

Easy Valve

When purchasing either version of the Volcano, you will receive multiple easy valves with balloons, a mouthpiece and an adapter that allows balloon bags to be replaced.

The previous version of the easy valve limited the bag size you could use and made users throw away the bag with the mouthpiece still attached unless they managed to separate the two by force.

The easy valves arrive pre-assembled and each balloon can last roughly 4 months before needing to be replaced. The Volcano easy valves require the least amount of maintenance of the two and are super easy to vape with.

How to change the easy valve adapter bag

1. Begin by removing the solid valve slip ring that can be found on the easy valve adapter bag.

2. Remove bag material and be careful not to lose the o-ring.

You can then cut the solid valve bag material, tie it off, put it on the other end in the slip ring and place over the top of the easy valve adapter then replace the slip ring. 

Solid Valve 

Ever since the easy valves have gotten an update, the solid valve for the Volcano desktop vaporizer has decreased in popularity but this doesn't mean it isn't still the preferred choice for many S&B fans today. 

The solid valve has a larger bowl that is adjustable which makes it great to share with friends and is the more sustainable option of the two. The Solid Valve can handle years of use and heavy cleaning while the easy valve more often needs to be replaced.

As well as that, the solid valve just feels more solid, high-quality and sturdy in the hand which is always nice. Unfortunately, the solid valve is a separate part you will need to purchase as it does not come with the device.

How to Attach the Solid Valve to Bag

Fold the bag in half, attach the black o-ring then attach that to the solid valve. Ensure that there are no pieces that fold over each other. You will then leave some space and fold the bag over when you attach the last securing ring. 

Which is Better: Easy Valve or Solid Valve

Making the choice between the easy valve and the solid valve for the Volcano vaporizer really is all about preference. The easy valve is great for those that enjoy something more convenient that can be easily replaced, while the solid valve is made for the users who like a sturdy component that can last them years. 



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