Volcano Vaporizer troubleshooting

Volcano Vaporizer TroubleShooting

So you have your herb packed and ready to go, but your Volcano is not working properly. 

What do you do now?

We have put together a handy troubleshooting checklist for you to refer to if any issues crop up with your Volcano Vaporizer.

Many customers who are new to vaping end up having the same questions or complaints. “My vape is not working”, “Something does not taste right”, “This vape is too difficult to use”, and so on. Thankfully, a lot of vape-related questions actually have simple answers. 

Troubleshooting Power Issues 

A reasonable place to start if your Volcano Vaporizer won’t heat up is the power supply. After double-checking that the power cord is situated correctly in the unit, it might even be a good idea to make sure that the power outlet is not the source of your problem. Also, be sure to check if you have a broken switch.

If you suspect that you have a faulty Volcano Vaporizer replacement switch, the manufacturer's warranty likely covers it for you. On the Volcano’s official website, it says

“As the manufacturer, we are responsible for our products operating in a safe manner. Due to our liability, we do not sell technical parts for our devices nor do we provide technical specifications on our parts.

Any repairs not executed by our repair service violate our warranty guidelines. Therefore, we ask you to send in your device to us for repair.”

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

If the actual device looks good in that the buttons are responsive and the Volcano Vaporizer control light is lit up, but you are not getting any vapor, the problem could be a connection issue. 

You should start by checking the connection between the Filling Chamber and the Volcano unit. You will also want to make sure that the connection is tight, but not too tight. Sometimes an extra-firm twist can lead to malfunctions, while a loose connection might lead to the unit not working at all. 

You will also want to make sure that the connection is clean, literally. If you notice some debris building up around the chamber or the valve, take a moment to clean it up and then try reconnecting the pieces.

Finally, if you try all this and still find your unit having issues, it could be that you are not packing your unit correctly. Make sure to grind up your material so the unit can adequately heat it up.

Troubleshooting Heating Issues

Troubleshooting Volcano Vaporizer temperature issues can be a little tricky, but there are some reasonable places to start.

First, it is probably a good idea to double-check that the parts that heat up on the base of the unit are not being obstructed. 

Next, a common mistake that beginners make is going with a very high output setting or preset, thinking that more power is always better. But, this can burn the product rather than vaporize it.

If the output setting is not the issue, then you will want to consider the possibility that your dry herb could be the issue due to its age or lack of moisture.

Unfortunately, since Storz and Bickel do not always offer replacement parts, you might find it difficult to replace any of the heating elements inside the unit.

Although you can find them online, keep in mind that replacing parts by yourself voids the warranty and may result in a broken Volcano. 

Also, your vaporizer not heating correctly may have more to do with the material you are wishing to vape; whether it is concentrated wax or dry herbs.

Each of these materials vaporizes at a different temperature and you want to ensure that your unit is set to reach that temperature. 

Troubleshooting Airflow Issues 

It can be especially frustrating if your vape appears to be working just fine but is not providing the hit you were looking for.

Clogs can occur when a foreign object makes its way into the airflow channel, or when so much gunk has accumulated from the vaporization of your product that it’s jamming up your airflow and not letting vapor pass through. 

If the airflow holes are clogged or dirty, this can create a lot of resistance to the inhale. Try taking the cartridge or mouthpiece off of the vape, and blowing into it to clear any residue.

This will also tell you if it is an issue related to airflow or not. If you can easily blow through the mouthpiece of the cartridge, then this is most likely not what is causing issues for your vape.

Troubleshooting Leak Issues

Finally, if you have issues with your Volcano, it might be a leak in the vape’s plastic balloon. 

Check the Volcano Vaporizer filters and gaskets to make sure they are properly connected and sealed. 

If you find that your Volcano’s balloon does have a leak, you are in luck! Storz and Bickel make replacement balloon tubes available on their online website


We hope this guide has made troubleshooting your Volcano Vaporizer easier! Educate yourself on how your device works before enjoying your first session, and remember to keep your manual close by when using your device in case you have any issues.

Do not forget you can always contact our support team for any questions regarding your device.

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