Wax Atomizers 101 - Everything you’ll need to know

Wax Atomizers on your dab pens are arguably the most important part of any dab pen. Let’s quickly explain what they are, atomizers are the heating element of the dab pen that melt your wax to be vaped.

There are many different atomizers; some with rods, others with coils, and some with nothing but a bucket appearance. Some are made with ceramic while others are made with quartz, it may seem like a lot to take in, and that is where we come in, let’s get into what makes each one different and the benefits of them all. 

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Atomizers come in different styles, some come with single, double, and even sometimes triple coil designs that are usually either ceramic or quartz. Other atomizers may not have any coils at all and are called coil-less atomizers, which usually come in a ceramic or quartz pad. 

Atomizers can make a big difference in how your dab will taste and how much smoke you can get from it. Now having an atomizer will depend on which pen you purchase, but as many are 510 threaded you can swap them out between batteries and make the ultimate dab pen. First, let's jump into the different atomizers that are available and how they differ from each other. 

What are the different types of atomizers? 

There are many different atomizers to use when vaping wax. Here we will be going over the different replaceable atomizers, these atomizers can be used more than once, but will get old and need to be replaced over time. Replaceable atomizers are used for vaporizing wax, they are not prefilled which allows you to use your own wax or concentrates in them. They are built with different materials that effects the taste and production of your vapor, below are amongst the most popular options. 

1. Coil atomizers

Coil atomizers whether they are ceramic or quartz is the new standard for atomizers. Using an atomizer with quartz or coils will deliver the best flavor as it does not absorb as much of the material as a wick atomizer does. Coil atomizers are best for dabbing as they have the best material and will heat up the material without overheating it.

Quartz coils also allow your pens to heat up within seconds in turn saving the battery life as it doesn’t have to use as much power to heat up the coils. All coil atomizers can have between 1 and 3 coils, this allows for a larger heating surface and delivered a larger amount of vapor. 

2. Ceramic dish atomizers

Otherwise known as coilless atomizers. These atomizers are some of the newest in the vape world when it comes to pens. Coil-less atomizers produce the best flavor when it comes to vaporizing your concentrates as it allows for all of the terpenes to be released. These atomizers are usually made with ceramic or titanium and are relatively easier to clean than other coil atomizers, which can also lead to the longevity of your atomizer. 

3. Wick atomizers

You may still see some wick atomizers around. Although they are one of the oldest ways to wrap your coils around they are still available in a few vaporizers like the Dr. Dabber ghost. The reason you are not seeing as many wick atomizers when compared to quartz or ceramic is that the wick has a tendency to overheat your product and give off a burnt taste. Wick atomizers are a more affordable option because they are cheaper to manufacture, but with cheaper vapes, you get cheaper quality. Wick atomizers are best for high viscosity oils and not dabbing or cannabis oils. 

4. Glass globe atomizers

Glass globe atomizers are exactly what they sound like, they are glass globes that cover around a single or double quarts coil. These atomizers are simple to use and fairly inexpensive to replace when needed. They usually come with a 510 thread so you can swap them onto different batteries to get the most out of it. 

What are atomizers used for?

Atomizers are the actual heating element of your vape pen and are what heats up your concentrates to vaporize them. The atomizer allows you to take your pen with you and vape on the go. There is no more need to lugging around a rig to get a good dab, the atomizer works as the nail on a rig but without the torch. Wax atomizers are not used for dry herb, instead, they are specifically made for wax, oils, and concentrates.

How to clean each atomizer?

Having a clean atomizer will make a huge difference in the longevity of your atomizer, but also the vapor production and taste of what is being delivered. Coiled atomizers are some of the toughest to clean only because they have so many small cracks that your wax can get into. 

The easiest way to clean coils is to burn off any excess concentrates. To do this is simple after you have vaped what is in your vape tank run a 30 second burn off session. Just keep your finger on the heating button and allow the coils to get red hot for 30 seconds and then wipe away any excess with a cotton swab. 

Another way that works for both coils and coil-less atomizers is to soak a cotton swab in Isopropyl alcohol and wipe down all the residue inside the concentrate atomizer. Another method of using isopropyl alcohol is to allow your wax vape atomizer to soak in a small dish of alcohol and water. This wake takes some time as you need to allow your pieces to sit for a couple of hours in the solution to break apart the wax. After your piece is clean wipe it down with a cotton swab and allow it to dry. This is not recommended for wick atomizer as it socks up too much of the isopropyl alcohol. 

How long do atomizers last?

The length of an atomizer depends on a few things first, how often it is getting used, second, what your atomizer is built from, third, what heat setting you are vaping from and lastly, how clean you keep your atomizer. All of these factors will determine how long your atomizer will last, this can range from a couple of weeks to a couple of months of use. 

The more you use your pen the more wear and tear you are going to put on your atomizer, and like anything the more you use it the more it is likely to need to be replaced. In turn, the better quality your atomizer is the more it can withstand being used. For example, if you have a titanium coil it will last you the longest when compared to a chrome one. 

Because different materials can withstand different heat setting what temperature you vape at is also a factor and the higher temperatures can wear on your atomizer quicker than lower temperatures. Cleaning is also a factor. The more often you clean your atomizer the longer it will last because coil-less atomizers are easier to clean they usually out perform coil atomizers. 

Final Thoughts

Atomizers are essential to having large flavorful vapor from your wax vape pen. They also make vaping your wax on the go easy and practical. They are made with many different materials and fitting while some are 510 wax atomizers other are magnetic so when switching between batteries make sure you are looking at what you are switching to. 

Wax pens have the convenience of taking your rig into a portable dab rig. They come in a variety of different atomizers, some quarts, and some ceramic wax atomizers, but both will deliver you great results.

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