What Is A Box Mod?

At the hearing of the device BOX MOD, it creates an impression of a somewhat ancient device. Personally, I felt it was a modified box and believe me that it is still causing discrepancies in the vaping industry because people are still finding it difficult to relate the name BOX MOD to vaporizers or vaping in general. But irrespective of what it is called, what really matters to most vapers is if the device can render quality hits that would add extra magic to their vaping needs.

A BOX MOD is an advanced method of vaping, just like the conventional vaporizers (portable or desktops), but mods are always accompanied with inbuilt batteries which are powered either by a single or a double lithium ion battery. Box mods come with a more advanced technology than vape pens or small vaporizers.

They (BOX MODs) differ from many other vaporizers in so many ways but not significantly though. The major difference revolves around the battery life, that is BOX MOD features larger batteries and this makes them last longer than regular vape pens or small vaporizers. So therefore, mods are not portable in their nature and they do not constitute the best device to conceal because they offer little or no discretion at all.

BOX MODs got the name ‘BOX’ because in its physical nature, it looks like a box meaning it has a box like shape and one of the most amazing aspect of mods is that they are perfect choices for vapers who seek customization and as far as vaping are concerned, they have the highest customization potential. I know control freaks would love this device a lot. Apart from being a device that features extra customization, BOX MOD allows users to interchange different types of batteries and atomizers unlike some vaporizers that feature inbuilt batteries.

Box Mod Eleaf

Enough of the buildup quality and the technology that comes with the BOX MODs, lets dive into the quality of vapor clouds or hits this device can offer. BOX MODs operate and functions like vapes meaning that the battery as usual heats up a coil which is located inside a separate atomizer though attached to a BOX MOD unit and then the heating of this coil creates vapor which gives users a more qualitative hit than most convention vaporizers can give.

Over the years, you must have witnessed several committed vapers in the vaping community switching over from conventional vapes to BOX MOD vapes and you have being wondering what lead to the popularity of this device in the industry. Let me say I know why and in a few lines down this article, you would know why as well.

Personally, I own a pax 2 vaporizers and for many of you that are familiar with this amazing unit manufactured by pax lab, you would agree with me that the level of hit you get from the pax 2 is exceptional, especially when vaping at a high temperature. When I was introduced to the BOX MOD I was so reluctant to give it a try but on the long run I tried it and I felt good on the first inhale and then I wanted more draws and more.

My curiosity was triggered and as always, I wanted to know what could prompt such amazing quality of hit from a less fashionable device as the BOX MOD. I would be pouring down my research work and experiences, hoping it would proffer answers to the many questions you have about BOX MODs.

 Temperature control

The temperature control of the box’s mode is commendable and without doubts, they {BOX MOD’s} feature one of the best temperature control ability in the entire vape market. Just like some vaporizers, BOX MOD’s enables users to specify the particular temperature they want to vape their material and the superb temperature control would deliver out-rightly even more than vape could do.

You can now wave a good bye to dry hits because a precise temperature control prevents dry hits in vaporizers. So whether your liquid runs out you are still shielded from dry hits. Overall the temperature control feature of the BOX MOD’s is one of the feature that defines its popularity and its uniqueness in the entire industry.

Long Battery Life

You cannot define what BOX MODs are without buttressing on the battery life of the device and this feature of mods is the major reason why BOX MODs are popular. These features help users who are in a quest to quit smoking by vaping not to be frustrated and possibly take up their cigarette. Overall the battery life of the BOX MOD’s would satisfy your cravings to smoke. Other features that defines the BOX MOD’s are a good wastage control and the sub-ohm vaping.

The sub-ohm vaping by mods is the reason behind the huge clouds of vapor you see some vapers puffing away from their units and this is possible because the BOX MOD’s allows for the attachment of sub-ohm atomizers. This sub-ohm’ atomizers functions to allow users vape with resistance as low as 1 ohm. Wattage control allows for greater customization options over how much hit users can achieve, how their flavor taste like and the quantities of vapor they receive per hit.

In conclusion, BOX MOD’s are worthy vaping devices to behold and most importantly to possess. I currently have a unit and any time I feel like getting stoned, I quickly take them out and off I am gone into a realm of unforgettable pleasures.



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