Coilless atomizers vs. Coiled atomizers

Coilless atomizers vs. Coiled atomizers, which one should you choose?

We will be covering the basics of coilless vape pens and dab pens, we are seeing a lot of these coilless vape pens these days. We will examine how they contrast with the more traditional coiled vape pens. This will give you a solid foundation to allow you to make an informed decision on your next vape pen purchase. Note that many vape pen manufacturers are providing both coiled and coilless atomizers with their pens. When we talk about the difference we’re usually referring to the atomizer…

Coilless Vape Pens

Coilless Vape pens refers to the lack of a coil in the atomizer. These atomizers can also be referred to as “ceramic donut atomizers”. So just keep that in mind any time someone refers to a coilless vape pen. As you’ll see the coiled vs coilless debate ultimately comes down to personal preference. Enjoy better flavor? We recommend a coilless vape pen. Enjoy bigger hits? Then go with a coiled atomizer. Be sure to check the product description as many vape pens will provide you with both options. It’s really that simple but to give you some more detail we’ve listed our top choices of each below…

1. Grizzly Honey Dab Vape Pen

A vape pen that features a ceramic donut atomizer that provides insanely clean flavor and superb airflow (won’t get gunked up) all for under $40. This had to be the number 1 choice.

Grizzly Honey Dab Pen

2. KandyPens Gravity

Not to be confused with the KandyPens Galaxy (another great unit). The Gravity is another great concentrate pen from KandyPens. KandyPens has perfected the simple and high quality vaporizer feel and performance. The Galaxy does cost $130 (at this time) which is considered a high end pen but it is worth the price. No clogging, reputable manufacturer and an all around great pen.

1.Grizzly Honey Dab Vape Pen

Yes we know this was listed at number 1 above. The Honey Dab pen comes with both a ceramic donut atomizer as well as a dual coil atomizer for bigger hits… Dual coil atomizer, ultra portable and hard hitting for under $40. It’s hard to beat this setup.

Grizzly Honey Dab Pen