Will The Pax 3 Take Over The Vaping World?

There are vaporizers. And then there's divine inspiration painstakingly crafted into a machine called the Pax 3, a vape so sublime you'll want to share it with the whole world. The Pax 3 is a brand new device that is pushing the boundaries of vaping excellence. Connoisseurs of vaporizing have been raving about the Pax's tremendous performance capabilities. The machine delivers to users a succulent, delicious, and mouth-watering vaping experience that will live long in the memory.

Whilst the vape might be small in size and stature it really is a giant of a vaporizer that has the potential and capability to take over the vaping world. There are so many things that sets the Pax 3 apart from the competition, but one of the things is the devices consistency with cool delicious vapes.

This isn't a piece of equipment where you'll have to wait around all day for your herbal elevation, with the Pax 3,  instantaneous bliss will be at your fingertips. Make no mistake about it, this vape removes all obstacles between you and that much-needed buzz. The Pax 3 has blended together all of the best features from the Pax 1 and Pax 2  to deliver perfection right to your doorstep. 

Unboxing the PAX 3 Vaporizer

Unboxing the PAX 3 Vaporizer

When the postman landed at my door with the Pax 3 I was like a child at Christmas time- excited isn't the word! When I opened the box there before me in all its splendor lay the Pax 3 Vaporizer. The device came in a beautiful looking silver polish finish. You will have the option of 4 different colors, but the silver was the one that did it for me. The device comes with a flat mouthpiece and a chamber cover which is inserted into the box.

A very convenient magnetic charger snaps right into place when you're charging the device. The vape also comes with a multi-tool which is a very handy feature when packing your oven.  Included are Pipe cleaners and a small brush which are vital pieces if you want to keep your air path clean. The Pax 3 also comes with three chamber covers and two mouthpieces which allow you to adapt the Pax to own your own specifications. You'll also come supplied with a concentrates insert and three extra replacement screens.

Smartphone App for your PAX 3

One of the superb extra features that come with the Pax 3 is the smartphone app. What the app allows is precision guided temperature control and extra power when it comes to heating profiles.  When I downloaded the free app I quickly discovered that this extra feature was going to be like a lifeline for me.  I was able to adjust the temperature right down to the last millimeter with a simple flick of my finger.

With the app you'll also be able to control other features such as LED brightness, play custom games, security lock your device, and install necessary upgrades. 

The app also can unlock four separate heating profiles- Boost, stealth, efficiency, and flavor mode.  What each of these profiles ensures is that a heating level is reached whereby your vaping experience is optimized to the maximum level. I found that using the app was very easy, very convenient,  and provided me with so much more extra control.


Ok, so you're ready to pack your precious Pax 3 full of dry herbs.  But before you start ramming your materials into the Pax you should always ensure that you have a  good quality grinder as this will ensure that your herbs are inserted at the right consistency.

Once you feel that your herbs are at the correct consistency you should pack the herbs inside the vape, but always allows enough room for air to flow between your plants.  The Multi-Tool, that comes with your Pax 3, should be used when putting your herbs into the oven.

If you're a bit wary about packing the Pax 3 too tightly you can always resort to using the 'Half oven' system which will allow a more efficient user of your materials. One of the major reasons why you'll want to ensure that your herbs are packed evenly is because this will ensure a more consistent vaping experience. When you're finished packing you should close the lid over and then prepare yourself for some herbal bliss.

Vaping with Herb

Vaping with Herb

The Pax 3 has a tendency to produce an impressive amount of vapor with the flavors themselves being quite extraordinary. It feels you can not only taste the flavors, but that you're having a delicious meal in itself. A very handy feature is the sensor which seems to anticipate when your lips are about to touch the unit. 

Another added benefit of the Pax2 is that you don't have to pull too hard in order to get a top class vape- a minimum draw will produce maximum results. Like I've already alluded to the vapor that the Pax produces is exceptional and if you play around with the heating profiles you'll be able to customize your session to suit your own needs.

Vaping With Concentrates

Vaping With Concentrates

When using concentrates open the concentrates canister and insert some of your materials into the piece.  When doing this process you should always ensure that your wax doesn't go inside the air holes as this will negatively affect your experience. 

Once you have this process done you should close the lid and you'll be ready for action.  Once your concentrates are loaded into the canister you should then insert it into the oven.  When you have this part of the process done, press the power button to turn on the Pax 3 and then set the machine to the maximum temperature.  

Once the Led screen turns to the color green the Pax will begin to vibrate and this is when you know its time to start vaping. I found that the Pax did a very good job with concentrates. The device produced a large amount of vapor and the flavor was of very good quality indeed. 

Which Materials Are Best

Now this is a very tough question to ask anyone as both sets of materials perform superbly well.  But if I was forced to make a decision, I'd have to side with using the plants as I just found them that little bit extra sweeter. Now, this isn't to criticize the Pax 3, certainly not,  its just that I've always been a lover of plants, and for me, I'll always side with plants no matter the quality of the vaporizer.  Overall, the Pax 3 performs superbly well with both concentrates and herbs and you'll not be disappointed with the performance of either substance.


After about a week of using the Pax 3, I came to the conclusion that this vaporizer is out on its own. This really is a terrain, all weather, multifunctional device that has the power to propel herbs into your body at a frenetic pace.  And if you want to take your herbs at a slower and more relaxed pace than the Pax 3 can once again accommodate your wishes. The battery life, portability, and size all provide an unrivalled vaping experience with unmatched performance. 

Overall the Pax 3 is an elite level vaporizer which features a whole host of cutting-edge technological and performance capabilities.  The Pax is very simple and easy to use and will have mouth-watering vapes entering into your body in a matter of seconds. This is a machine that not only reached my expectations this was a machine that blew away all expectations.

The Pax is a vaporizer that will keep you coming back for more and more and more.  For me, the performance with herbs was a sight to behold and this experience really had me laid on my back with a smug smile on my face. In finishing I have to say that Pax 3 is rapidly reaching legendary proportions and this is most definitely a vaporizer that you should be adding to your collection. 


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