XVape Starry V3 Review

The Xvape XMAX Starry V3 is a portable, dual-compatibility vaporizer. Featuring an anodized aluminum body, swappable 18650 battery, magnetic zirconia mouthpiece, OLED screen, full temperature control and ultra-quick heat up time, this high-quality unit easily stands out among other conduction vaporizers under $100.

The first generation Starry vaporizer was released a few years ago with the Starry 2.0 following not too long after. In January of 2019, the Starry V3 was finally released, building onto the previous versions to create the perfect entry-level budget vaporizer, including better vapor delivery, haptic feedback, and a high-quality zirconia mouthpiece.

Xvape is one of the leading manufacturers of vaporizers on the market today and for good reason, this team has an incredible record of releasing quality vaporizers at affordable prices. 

How Does The Xvape Starry V3 Work?

1. Heating System

The Xvape Starry V3 uses a conduction heating system to cook herbs within the chamber. This means that this vape relies on the product coming into direct contact with the heating element in order for it to vaporize. This type of heating system is pretty standard for dry herb vaporizers.

2. Loading The Xvape Starry V3

Before you get started with loading up the chamber of the Starry V3, make sure that your ground herb has a nice fine grind. You can then remove the magnetic mouthpiece in order to reveal the flavor preserving ceramic chamber.

This chamber can fit roughly 0.3 grams of dry herb at a time, providing you with about 10-15 hits depending on the temperature you choose to use. The best vapor results come from a chamber that has been fully packed with the product.

3. Turning on The Xvape Starry V3

Activate the Starry V3 by holding down the power button for just a few seconds. You will then see the OLED screen come to life displaying the temperature, icon indicator, and battery life. 

4. Temperature settings

The Starry V3 allows you full control over the temperature settings. Choose any exact degree within the impressive range of 212F-464F using the two buttons on the side near the screen. When the Starry has reached your desired temperature, the device will vibrate and the indicator icon will fill up. 

Build Quality

The Starry V3 vaporizer is a well-made and durable unit crafted from anodized aluminum and stands only 4 inches high, making it an incredibly portable device that can be easily concealed within any pocket, purse, or even the palm of your hand.

The Starry V3 by Xvape features removable 18650 batteries that can eliminate charge time and a magnetic zirconia mouthpiece that efficiently cools down vapor before reaching your mouth. This unit has a full digital display with an easy-to-use interface. This screen displays temperature settings, battery life, and an indicator icon that tells you when the vape is ready to be drawn from.

 If you do not have an extra pair of charged batteries, the Starry V3 has a 2900mah battery that takes 2 hours to charge and will last you about 80 minutes of continuous use. The large chamber of the Starry V3 is made from flavor-preserving ceramic and can fit about 0.3 grams of ground herb at a time, allowing for longer sessions.

This vaporizer has a very straightforward design that any level of user can master within minutes with just three buttons, one for power and two for adjusting the temperature. 

What makes the Xvape Starry V3 Stand Out?

What truly makes the Starry V3 stand out is its attractive price point for such a well-built, high-quality unit. Vaporizers made from quality materials like ceramic, anodized aluminum, and zirconia with features like full temperature control, OLED screen, and haptic feedback are rare at this low price.

The swappable 18650 batteries are another unique feature of this Starry V3 vaporizer, eliminating the pain of waiting for the unit to charge. 

What are the Most Important Updates About the Xvape Starry V3?

There are a few updates that Xvape has made to the design of the Starry to create the ideal entry-level vaporizer. For starters, they have optimized the size of the battery cap so that it ensures far more stability. The heat insulation has also been improved along with the air rim hole, with a brand new mouthpiece design and body structure.

The Starry V3 now allows for use with concentrates, featuring a standard wax pad. Finally, they have equipped this vape with haptic feedback so that you will know exactly when the vape is ready for use. 

What's In The Box - Kits & Accessories

The Xvape Starry V3 arrives with quite a few convenient accessories that will help you use, clean, and maintain this device.

The box includes replacement parts including one metal mouthpiece screen, two heating chamber screens, and two mouthpiece tip o-rings. Xvape also includes a cleaning kit with tweezers, a brush, and a scraping tool with a USB cable for charging. 

The Starry V3 will also arrive with two silicone mouthpiece caps that are made to prevent anything from your pockets or bag from getting lodged into the mouthpiece while not in use. This vaporizer can also be used with concentrates thanks to the wax pad that is included. If you are ever confused on how to use or clean this vape, Xvape includes a handy user manual to refer to. 

How's The Xvape Starry V3 Vapor Quality?

Despite its small build, the Starry V3 delivers some pretty dense and tasty clouds in every session. When it comes to loading up the Starry V3, the best vapor quality comes from a very fine grind with a fully packed oven. The incredibly efficient flavor preserving ceramic oven allows for dense, pure-tasting vapor when you stay within proper vaping temperatures. 

When the temperature is set too high, you’ll be achieving dense clouds, but this vapor will be rough on your throat and lack flavor. It is recommended to stay within 390F-425F for the best combination of density and flavor. As with any vaporizer, make sure that it is fully charged, maintained, and properly cleaned before use for the best possible results.

Is The Xvape Starry V3 Easy To Clean? 

For the easiest deep cleaning experience, be sure to clean out your oven after every session using the brush tool included in the box. When you regularly clean out the residue from the oven, the less build-up you’ll have to deal with later. When it does come time for deeper cleaning of your Starry V3 vape, take a q-tip dipped in isopropyl and gently go around the walls of the oven.

 It is important to remember that the oven will never go back to looking brand new, do not damage this vape attempting to remove stains. The mouthpiece and screens can simply be thrown into a container of isopropyl alcohol for a few hours then rinsed well with warm water and set aside to dry before reassembling.

As with any vaporizer, make sure that it is fully charged, maintained, and properly cleaned before use for the best possible results.

Pros and Cons of Xvape Starry V3



Flavor-preserving ceramic chamber

Does not vaporize concentrate as well as dry herbs

Swappable 18650 batteries

Potential for herb combustion at higher temperature settings

Quick heat up

Long charge time

High quality for under $100

The mouthpiece can get warm after a long session

Ultra-compact and discreet build

Straight forward design

Easy to use

Is The Xvape Starry V3 Worth It? 

Compared to other vapes on the market, the Starry V3 is more than worth its price point. Rarely do you see budget vaporizers that aren’t made from plastic or include temperature presets that severely limit user customization?

The Xvape Starry 3 is made from durable high-quality materials, features complete temperature control, a full digital display, haptic feedback, dual compatibility, and a large easy-to-load oven all for under $100. 

Who Should Buy the Xvape Starry V3?

The Xvape Starry V3 is the ideal device for beginners who are looking for their first portable vaporizer, thanks to its straightforward design, low price point, and ease of use. This Xvape unit is also great for those who are always on the go and don’t want to turn too many heads during a session.

Who Should Not Buy the Xvape Starry V3?

For those that tend to stay home and aren't concerned about staying discreet may find that a desktop vaporizer is more suitable for their needs. For concentrate fans, the Starry V3 does not vaporize wax as well as it does dry herb, you will be better off purchasing a vape designed specifically for concentrates instead.

Conclusion - Overall Rating

The Xvape Starry V3 delivers numerous unique features that are not often seen in vaporizers of the same price range. This ultra-compact small-sized vaporizer delivers dense vapor when used within the middle-temperature settings while the ceramic oven allows for pure flavor unaffected by metallics. The OLED screen, full temperature control, haptic feedback, and ultra-durable build all make this budget vape feel like a premium unit.

FAQ - Answering all your questions about tech specs (And What's In The Box)

Q1. What is the best temperature to set the X-vape Starry V3 at for best vapor quality? 

The best temperature to stick with on the Starry V3 vape for the best combination of flavor and density is around 390F.

Q2. How course should the grind be when using the Starry V3?

It is recommended that you grind your herbs pretty fine for the best quality vapor from the Starry V3 vaporizer.

Q3. How many hits per bowl on the Starry V3 vape?

Depending on the temperature settings that you use, the Starry V3 should deliver about 10-15 hits per bowl.

Q4. The product in the chamber of my Starry V3 is running out too quickly, how can I fix this?

This issue can arise when you are beginning each session at super high temperatures. Try starting out with lower temperatures, then slowly and steadily increasing as the session goes on. Doing so will also improve the flavor of your vapor.

Q5. Do I need to turn off my X-vape Starry V3 after every session?

You can turn off the Starry V3 whenever you feel like ending the session by holding down the power button for a few seconds. You can also just wait for the automatic shut-off feature to kick in after 5 or 10 minutes, depending on what you have set. To switch it from 5 minutes to 10 minutes, simply hold down the power button and either temperature control button simultaneously. 



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