Zeus Arc, Zeus Arc GT, Zeus Smite
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What is in the box?

  • Vaporizer
  • USB cable
  • Packing tool
  • Instruction manual
  • Cleaning materials
  • Glass insert (ARC & ARC GT only)
  • 2 screens (Smite only)
  • Glass mouthpiece (Smite only)


Zeus Arsenal has created three fantastic portable, dry herb vaporizers with one to suit every budget. Each device was expertly engineered to the highest standard in Germany, the spiritual home of superior vaporizers.

All three are compact, discreet, conduction based vaporizers, each with their own unique features. Both the ARC and the ARC GT will fit discreetly in your hand but the SMITE is slightly taller due to the glass mouthpiece.

The ARC and ARC GT are identical in every way with the only difference being a stainless steel chamber and vape path in the ARC, and a gold chamber and a gold vape path in the ARC GT.

While the SMITE has a ceramic heating chamber and a combination of stainless steel and glass vape path.

All three are used for dry herb only and are fantastic for beginners as they are incredibly easy to use with only one button to turn on the device and to navigate between the temperatures.


The Zeus ARC and the ARC GT both come with firmware upgrade capabilities. This means that whenever new updates are available you simply plug your device into your computer via the USB cable and it will update it.

Recent firmware upgrades to the ARC and ARC GT have allowed for even greater experiences with new 2 temperatures available to choose from.

There are no firmware upgrades available with the SMITE but it has been upgraded from the original device where it now has two more powerful batteries and a glass mouthpiece rather than silicone.


In terms of performance, all three devices excelled in terms of flavor and vape quality but there were some notable differences between each due to a number of factors such as temperature variance and build materials.

The coolest draw was certainly from the ARC GT which is down to the gold vape path which absorbs so much of the heat. The ARC was not far behind as it has a quality stainless steel vape path cooling the vape as it travels.

The SMITE delivers nice cool vape too but just not at the same level as the ARC GT and the ARC. The fact that it has a glass mouthpiece allows the vape to cool but because the mouthpiece is directly over the chamber it is not as cool as the others.

In terms of vapor density, all 3 devices were very similar. All three produced decent sized clouds expected from conduction vaporizers that dissipated after a few seconds. The higher the temperature the greater the cloud size in each.

Both the ARC and the ARC GT offer a wider range of experiences due to the fact that they can be heated to 5 different temperature settings whereas the SMITE has only 3 temperature.

Different terpenes and phytocannabinoids from certain herbs activate at different temperatures and so the more temperatures you have, the more activation of compounds rather than destruction of compounds.

Zeus Graph
Zeus Graph

Design features

The Zeus SMITE, ARC, and ARC GT are all constructed from aircraft grade anodized aluminum finished with a smooth and sleek black matte look.

Although made from the same materials, the ZEUS ARC and ARC GT are not only smaller but lighter too. The ARC GT was slightly heavier than the ARC probably due to the presence of gold.

All three have minimalistic branding on the front which adds to their discretion, almost appearing more as battery power packs more so than vaporizers. Although the ARC GT does have a golden GT logo on the side.

Both have a small LED temperature display which shows both current temperature and battery life.

All three are quite impressive with the SMITE having a smooth, contoured, rounded finish at the sides whereas the ARC and ARC GT have more of a linear rectangle shape mold offering greater grip.

Extra features

The ZEUS ARC and the ARC GT have intelligent technological features such as an accelerometer which senses movements. Both will begin to cool down after 30 seconds of inactivity, saving you on both herb and battery.

The SMITE has a built in storage area for the mouthpiece making it even smaller and handier for storing in your pocket or bag. The ARC and ARC GT on the other hand have a built in stirring tool at the bottom of the device.

The ARC and ARC GT have haptic feedback, quickly alerting you when temperature has been reached.

The ARC and ARC GT were designed with a heat sink which traps the heat which in turn leads to cooler vapor reaching your lips.

Battery Life & Heat Up Time

Both the ARC & ARC GT has a powerful 3500 mAh rechargeable battery but the SMITE boasts TWO 2600 mAh rechargeable batteries allowing it to last longer.

The SMITE heats up in under 30 seconds whereas the ARC and ARC GT take about a minute.

Because it has more firepower,the SMITE will take approximately 3 hours to fully charge whereas the ARC models will only take around 2 hours. All use a USB cable (supplied) for charging.

Once fully charged you will get around 180 minutes of vaping from the Smite and over 90 minutes of vaping from the ARC and the ARC GT.

Temperature Settings

All three devices have 3 preset temperatures but the ARC and the ARC GT can be altered via the firmware upgrades to change between settings.

Using the firmware you can choose between 4 settings that each offer unique temperature settings. Lower temperatures for those whose sole focus is flavor and higher temperatures for those looking for clouds.

  • ZEUS SMITE 385° - 399°F
  • ZEUS ARC and GT 365° - 437°F


  • ARC and ARC GT have more temperature settings
  • ARC GT has a noticeable difference in freshness and coolness of vape
  • ARC and ARC GT are more discreet when vaping due to smaller size
  • ARC and ARC GT have motion sensor
  • ARC and ARC GT have haptic feedback
  • ARC and ARC GT an accelerometer
  • ARC and ARC GT have a built in multi tool
  • ARC and ARC GT have a heat sink.
  • SMITE has internal storage space for mouthpiece
  • SMITE battery lasts twice as long
  • SMITE has a faster heat up time.


  • Batteries are not replaceable on any device
  • SMITE has a relatively small chamber


The SMITE is a very affordable vaporizer that produces really good quality vape and would be a fantastic vaporizer for any beginner. We love the fact that you can get a huge amount of vaping time with this device.

The GT and the GT ARC are very similar in terms of performance with the GT just outperforming the ARC because of the cooler vapor produced.

The GT and the GT ARC fit nice and discreetly into your hand and pocket where as the mouthpiece on the SMITE sticks out a little when using it, so depending if discretion is important to you, you should go for the GT or ARC.

The SMITE is great value, but if your planning on spending a little bit more than we would go for the ZEUS ARC GT simply because of the gold chamber and vape path which really make a difference to your vaping experience.

All in all, either of the 3 vaporizers would be great for vaping your dry herb and clearly Zeus have struck again with these three top performers.