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Having problems with your Pax Vaporizer? Here are common problems and how to fix them!

Posted on Sep 07, 2018

The Pax -one of the most formidable vaporizer brands out there. Using innovative technologies, speedy heat-up times and sleek design, they are carving a dent in the vaping universe. However, every vaporizer isn’t perfect and their owner? Well they’re not perfect either. Vaporizers require frequent maintenance, cleaning and general upkeep; on the occasion where this doesn’t happen, your Pax may run into some problems. To help you conquer the vaping world with your Pax, I have compiled a list of common problems users tend to run into with their Pax. Grind those herbs, fine If you’re loading up, packing and vaping like instructed and not getting enough vapor, well, the problem may stem from the chamber. Grinding, loading and packing are... Read more »

Arizer's Top 3 Popular Vaporizers

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

In January, our friends over at Namaste UK declared 2018 "The Year of the Arizer Vapes" and they weren't wrong. The Canadian kings of the vape scene have established a name for themselves for manufacturing high-quality vaporizers that produce amazing vapor, no matter the device or price point. Since the drop of the Arizer Go earlier this year, the Arizer family have proven themselves to be adept at producing a variety of vaporizers to suit every preference - from desktops to portables to even-more-portables. It was a hard task, but after much soul searching we've whittled down our 3 favorite Arizer products across their expansive range.   Arizer Solo 2   With the Solo 2, Arizer basically took all the best features of the OG Solo and made them even better. As a hybrid dry herb vaporizer, you get the high-quality vapor production of convection energy with the faster heat... Read more »

Why Wax Pen Vaporizer Will Dominate 2019

Posted on Aug 24, 2018

What is Wax? Wax is a form of solvent concentrate. It is made through a process that uses a solvent, usually butane, to push the various active ingredients of herb out of the plant matter. Once this is done it is important to remove all the solvent from the solution. This is done by boiling it off. Obviously, butane is an explosive chemical, so it isn’t a great idea to have it around high temperatures, so to avoid any explosions its necessary to use a vacuum oven.  The vacuum oven lowers the air pressure around the solvent mixture, lowering its boiling point to a safe temperature, once the solvent has been boiled off you’re left with one of three results. Oil, a runny, honey-like chemical; Shatter a brittle, potent concentrate; and of course,... Read more »

Why All You Need to Medicate is Your Trusty Vape

Posted on Aug 23, 2018

Vapes are the perfect dosing mechanism for any patient  It’s no secret that more and more people are turning to nature to treat their long term health issues. Countless people are testifying about how herbs help them treat their various ailments. Everything from chronic pain to insomnia, going by word of mouth, there are few conditions that cannabinoids can’t treat!  dry herb does have a specialized form of consumption, to say the least. Pop culture has firmly ingrained the idea of smoking as the only way to enjoy. This naturally puts many people off; smoke stinks, it sticks to everything, and it isn’t exactly easy on the throat. It doesn’t matter what the benefits of dry herb are, years of anti-smoking PSAs have firmly (and arguably,... Read more »

Best Celebrity bongs

Posted on Aug 21, 2018

Love them or hate them, celebrities are a huge part of our culture. There’s barely an aspect of media that doesn’t rely on celebrities for a quick injection of glamour, authority, or plain old sex appeal; hell, the president of the United States ran on a platform that amounted to ‘Being a celebrity’. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the world of bongs has its fair share of celebrity endorsements. The herb subculture has thrown up some iconic figures, from musicians like Snoop Dogg to charming every-man celebrities like Seth Rogan, the herb scene isn’t starved of high-profile figures. Bespoke Celebrity Bongs Some of these celebrities have gone a little further than a mere endorsement deal, some have... Read more »

Dabbing VS Vaping

Posted on Aug 17, 2018

Should you Dab or Vape? There are many ways to consume your favorite substance, you can roll it and smoke it, use a bong,a dab pen, a pipe, hell you can use an apple to ingest your favorite materials! I’m sure if you’ve been on the flower train long enough, on your travels you’ve heard the terms dabbing and vaping. Neither of which are lame millennial dances rather a fairly new and cleaner way to devour that sweet, sweet herb. If you’re confused about what dabbing and vaping might be, and you keep seeing people talk about these methods, I’m going to walk you through the differences between dabbing and vaping and maybe help you put down that dirty bong... Read more »

Kannastor's New GR8TR V2 Grinder

Posted on Aug 13, 2018

The Worlds Most Advanced Grinder If you thought there's no such thing as a grinder worth getting excited about, the GRR8TR V2 herbal grinder from Kannastor is going to be the gadget that changes your mind. Kannastor calls their products "the world's most advanced grinders," and items like the GR8TR V2 prove that they're not just blowing smoke. If you're ready to meet a grinder that's both versatile and reliable enough to hang onto for a lifetime, start getting to know the GR8TR V2. Top of the line quality  From the moment you pick it up, you can tell the GR8TR V2 isn't a bargain-basement widget. The components are made from incredibly tough and long-lasting food-grade aluminum, and they're assembled with... Read more »

Mighty Vape - The mightiest of the portable vaporizers

Posted on Aug 10, 2018

The Mighty Vape From the makers of the classic Volcano desktop, the Mighty hybrid vaporizer combines the same high-quality German engineering that Storz and Bickel is famous for into one almighty portable package. How it got the name "Mighty" The Mighty is called the Mighty for a reason. While it's not exactly pocket size, it's incredibly durable and still portable – making it ideal for travelling with. Weighing in at about half a pound and roughly the height of an iPhone 6, the Mighty can still fit into a small bag or coat pocket with ease. All materials used in the manufacturing of the Mighty are of high-quality, food-grade and body safe standard. This hybrid vaporizer is powered by two... Read more »

Know your Vaporizer: What type of vaporizer best suits you?

Posted on Aug 08, 2018

Different Types of Vaporizers Living in a technology driven world means things become more convenient and now the consumption of your favorite substance is easier than ever. Nowadays, vaping is in and smoking is out. There are tons of vaporizers on the market from desktop vapes to dual vaporizers. I get you, it is so difficult to navigate through the jargon of vaporizers and becoming well versed with knowledge of Vaporizers can take several years of experience, exposure and knowledge. Choosing what type of vaporizer that is best suited for you is difficult as you sail across the choppy waters of endless options. To be of service, I am going to breakdown and discuss the different types of vaporizers on... Read more »

RosinBomb Rocket Press – Your Panini Press for dry herbs

Posted on Aug 06, 2018

The RosinBomb Rocket Press Your panini press for dry herbs is a lame way to describe this monster of a machine, but I suppose it is a more accurate way of describing what the RosinBomb Rocket does. The RosinBomb Rocket is an amazing way to create your own rosin. Imagine having the opportunity to consume your concentrates free of solvent? Well, you can – with thanks to the RosinBomb Rocket press. Rosin refers to the extraction process that combines heat and pressure instantaneously to squeeze resinous liquid from your starting dry substance. The RosinBomb Rocket is a small yet mighty device. The RocketBomb is a mere 13 pounds which is probably lighter than the burrito I had for lunch and... Read more »

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer : The Arizer Standard of Desktop Vapes

Posted on Aug 03, 2018

The Arizer Standard of Desktop Vapes Arizer are one of the biggest name in vaping, they are the equivalent of Apple or Nokia in the vape market. Of course, for anyone familiar with their products this will be no surprise; their products are practically peerless. They have set the gold standard for portable vaporizers with the Arizer Air and Arizer Solo, and for many companies this would be enough. Not for Arizer, they are like blood-starved wolves, but instead of craving meat they crave excellence in vaporizer design. So, naturally they created one of the best desktop vaporizers on the market; The Arizer Extreme Q. Remote Controlled Vaping   The Arizer Extreme Q is unique among desktop vaporizers because it... Read more »

Are there any benefits to using a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Posted on Jul 30, 2018

The benefits to using a Dry Herb Vaporizer? I’m sure you’ve heard all the noise “ah, vaping is so lame” “it’s just as bad for you as smoking is” there is always this narrative of misconception surrounding the use of vaporizers. That they aren’t cool enough or they’re too expensive all this mumbo jumbo. There are many glorious reasons and benefits why investing in a vaporizer is a better move financially and health-wise. If you’re on the fence of purchasing a vaporizer here are some reasons why buying a vaporizer is a life-changing experience and I am here to tell you that vaping is cool! Healthier Research shows that smoking anything isn’t good for you, period. While the intake of dry... Read more »

Pros & Cons in Portable and Desktop Vaporizers

Posted on Jul 27, 2018

Buying a Portable or Desktop Vaporizer? The main difference between a portable and desktop vaporizer is pretty glaringly obvious – you can't exactly take your desktop out on the beach at the drop of hat (do if you want though, God loves a trier). While desktop vaporizers will provide you with the highest quality vaping experience, they're an investment piece – the technology required to give you the highest quality comes with a hefty price tag. While portable vaporizers are much easier to use on the go, they are more high maintenance when it comes to charging and replacing batteries. When it comes to desktops vs. Portable vaporizers, there are things that one can do that the other cannot. Choosing... Read more »

MIQRO Vaporizer: DaVinci's Newest Portable Vape! 

Posted on Jul 25, 2018

The Most Talked About Vape of the Year We already know the DaVinci IQ & that it is one of the best dry herb vaporizers available, you might be asking yourself how can DaVinci top the IQ. Que the MIQRO dry herb vaporizer. The MIQRO is a small compact innovative vaporizer. It is 33% smaller than its predecessor, it is sleek, simple and comes with a fully adjustable oven. The MIQRO is a miniature version of the IQ, it has all the loved features of the IQ plus more. Overview of Features The MIQRO comes with a 18350 size removable battery and has an adjustable oven pearl which means you can use less herb and still enjoy maximum quality draws. Getting... Read more »

4 Desktop Vaporizers For Every Budget

Posted on Jul 24, 2018

Desktop Vaporizers  Desktop vaporizers are one of the best ways to enjoy a powerful and tasty vape session in the comfort of your own home . Desktop vaporizers, Simply put, have more room for quality components, this means that there is no compromise when it comes to vapor quality. If your vapors potency, taste, and thickness is important to you, look no further than a desktop vaporizer. While they tend to be intended as a more high-end product, you can find a desktop vape for every budget. So, whether you want something affordable or you're willing to spare no expense; then there's a desktop vape for you. Arizer V Tower The Arizer V Tower is one of the most affordable... Read more »

Everything you need to know about the DaVinci IQ

Posted on Jul 20, 2018

All you need to know about the DaVinci IQ Vaping is on the rise. As people of the world start prioritizing health everyone has jumped off the smoking bandwagon and gotten on the vaping wagon. While the popularity of vaporizers soars so does the volume of vaporizers on the market. So, I can understand if you’re having trouble finding a vaporizer for you. Choosing the right vaporizer is a pain; it’s time consuming, difficult to navigate through the jargon of reviews and pit the best ones together and choose between them, almost like Sophie's Choice(!) so to save you the time and turmoil, I choose my favorite vaporizer out of the glorious selection we have available here at NamasteVapes; the DaVinci... Read more »

Is the Plenty Vaporizer Faithful?

Posted on Jul 18, 2018

Desktop Vaporizers Desktop Vaporizers are a fantastic way of consuming your bud. Inside a desktop vaporizer, there’s a lot more room internally to allow the manufacturers implement bigger and quality components that will produce thicker, smoother and more potent vape. A vape colors the way you experience your session, so finding the right one is imperative. A powerful stationary vaporizer that we have available is the Plenty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel. If you enjoy vaping your bud from the comfort of your home than look no further than this stunning Plenty Vaporizer. There is plenty to discover; so, let’s discover it together. Power The Plenty comes from the same people who brought you the remarkable Volcano Vaporizer. The Plenty... Read more »

Desktop vs Portable Vaporizers

Posted on Jul 17, 2018

What you need to know about Vaporizers Okay so it is finally official, vaping is cool. A study published by San Diego University has recently shown that for the first time, ‘social image’ has overtaken ‘health reasons’ as the number one reason for vaping. So not only is it safer but you will look good doing it. Making the jump to vaping is big and individuals, especially those switching from cigarettes will need some convincing. The benefits of using a vaporizer speak for itself. We are in the midst of a health phenomenon and more people want to establish healthy habits. Vaping links in with the ongoing trend as due to a lack of combustion it is much safer than... Read more »

The Crafty vs The Pax 3

Posted on Jul 13, 2018

Which Portable Vaporizer Wins Both the Crafty and the Pax 3 are incredibly accessible portable vaporizers, suitable for both newbies and vaping veterans alike. They accommodate a variety of users, and purchasing the complete kit of either the Crafty and the Pax 3 make both devices suitable for dry herb use as well as wax concentrates. However, both have different strengths and cater to slightly different preferences, so this handy guide will help you figure out which choice is best for you.   The 'Look' Straight off the bat, it's clear to see that while the Crafty is a pocket-sized vaporizer the Pax 3 is definitely more travel-friendly. Weighing in at approximately 93 grams and measuring just under 4 inches... Read more »

What is a Dab Pen?

Posted on Jul 11, 2018

Dab Pens Dab pens are becoming the biggest type of vaporizer on the market and this is because dabbing concentrates is rapidly becoming the new type of way to vape for veterans and new comers a like. There is a good reason for this; dab's sheer potency. Concentrates are many times more powerful with a single drop having the same levels of active ingredients as several rolled joints of dry herb and a dab pen is the best way to vape concentrates. The appeal of this strength is clear; you can feel more of the effect we all know and love of herb in a shorter space of time. Obviously, there is a hedonistic appeal in this, but for some medicinal... Read more »