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Vaporizer Poems

Namaste Vaporizers Poem Competition

Posted on Feb 22, 2017. 24 comments

Namaste is running a poetry competition, submit your poems below as a comment for your chance to win some awesome prizes. It is not quite Vapor Wave but hey.

Closing date April 5th 2017


  • Posted by Miguel Araújo on Mar 24, 2017

    Plant aren´t drugs.
    It is a herb, like sage,
    Designed to help us embrace our God-like image.
    Rather than remove us from this planetary prison
    Of time and space, of length, width and height,
    This plant helps us smile and endure the pain.

    In the face of sin and death,
    This plant enables holiness and happiness.
    This plant exorcises evil.
    It promotes peace and kindness.
    It fuels a spiritual light
    And dissolves darkness.

    When unaltered, it is pure and natural and organic.
    This plant is not a drug.

  • Posted by Puff the Dragon on Mar 22, 2017

    Puff the Toking Dragon Puff the Toking Dragon smoked golden leaves and got stoned on a crazy trip in a land of plentiful weed. Little Johnny Stoner loved his good pal Puff

    and brought him bling and cannabis wax and tins of chewing snuff, oh!

    Puff the Toking Dragon smoked golden leaves and got stoned on a crazy trip in a land of plentiful weed. Puff the Toking Dragon smoked golden leaves and got stoned on a crazy trip in a land of plentiful weed. Together they’d unravel took a vote then snorted rails Johnny first to blackout and Puff got thrown in jail All their peeps and homies would howl whenever they came

    Pimped out rides would spin their mags when Puff toked up again,oh!!

    Puff the Toking Dragon smoked golden leaves and got stoned on a crazy trip in a land of plentiful weed. Puff the Toking Dragon smoked golden leaves and got stoned on a crazy trip in a land of plentiful weed. - Puff the Dragon -
  • Posted by Puff the Dragon on Mar 22, 2017

    “High Times In Low Places”

    Fill up your chest the vape is pure
    sweet thoughts race through your mind,
    Now close your eyes and take your time
    true peace you’re sure to find.

    Rick Ross rides shotgun on this trip
    his words speak to your soul,
    Your pounding heart beats like a drum
    the beat makes inside whole.

    Now take a pull lean back and pray
    this moment never ends,
    The only truth you’ve ever known
    your pipes a loyal friend.

    Take each and every single breath
    as if it were your last,
    The haze within you will not judge
    your never-ending past.

    Highs set no boundaries tell no lies
    their ever reaching grasp,
    They pull you in and all makes sense
    escape your demon’s clasp.

    Take comfort in the path you choose
    the high knows what you see,
    A King Ice pendant ’round your neck
    the chains that set you free.

    The lion represents your pride
    it’s gleaming like a star,
    Each diamond shines the light within
    your beating heart not far.

    Now see the haze move through the air
    exhaling cleanses all,
    Take comfort in your trusted friend
    the next time that you fall.

    - Puff the Dragon -
  • Posted by Miguel Araújo on Mar 21, 2017

    Do you recall that happy vapor
    With your family & friends?
    How near to heaven it was like
    To blissfully relax!
    In a cosy home of good cheer
    To doff our heavy packs,
    And with a vaporizer full of wonder herbs

    Learn to relax: clear your mind
    Of fear and doubt,
    And in there you´ll find
    The perfect peace of a child.
    With lassitude of heart and hand,
    When every sinew slacks,
    How good to rest the old bean and
    Relax, relax.

    Just sink back in an easy chair
    For a while or so,
    And fold your hands as if in meditation,
    —That helps a lot, you know.
    Forget that you are you awhile,
    And pliable as wax,
    Just beatifically smile . . .
    Relax, relax, relax.

  • Posted by Miguel Araújo on Mar 20, 2017

    Embrace me, comfort me, bestow and bless with your power and beauty
    Possess me, caress my senses with exotic intoxicating perfumes
    Cast spells with your existence and immeasurable intricacies
    Fill eyes and nose, let pores absorb, hymn on natures’ natural healing
    Health enhancing, life sustaining, sole saving, anger erasing
    No effort required to witness these miracles of all shapes and sizes
    Submit, permit the anesthetic to sedate and elate as the desired effect
    In heart and soul, feel the surge and satiety of brains’ happy hormones
    Safe and effective, only side effects being happiness and love and passion while under the influence of THE POWER OF THE FLOWER!

  • Posted by Miguel Araújo on Mar 20, 2017

    Flower, flower
    Oh such power
    Rising like a wonder tower
    Praising to the Sun
    And oh so gently
    Sleeping with the stars

    Flower, flower
    Such living power
    Rising, sleeping per the hour
    Rising, becoming
    A gentle, living tower

    Gentle, living power

  • Posted by Miguel Araújo on Mar 20, 2017

    After a while

    you learn the difference between smoking or vaporizing
    and you learn that pleasure doesn’t mean harming yourself.
    And you begin to learn that quality and flavour are always present in the vapor
    and you begin to accept head up and your eyes ahead look for the grace of a scent, not the grief of a cough.
    After a while you learn that even smoke burns if you get too much
    So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul and you´re looking forward to bring your own flowers
    And you learn that you really can enjoy, that you really are open to a whole new world and you really do have worth and you learn nature´s best!

  • Posted by Emily on Mar 16, 2017

    Hi, high the haiku.
    Up, up and away, it goes.
    Come back down to me.

  • Posted by Puff the Dragon on Mar 15, 2017


    I’m high… on life
    The perfect blunt overcomes my strife.

    My strife… so hard
    The haze inside helps break down my guard.

    My guard… runs deep
    Hard to dream when you can’t stay asleep.

    Stay asleep… feels good
    Take a pull cause you know that you should.

    You should… feel love
    Each breath a gift sent from up above.

    Up above… blue sky
    A good trip starts with the perfect high.

    Perfect high… makes me
    See all the forest for all the trees.

    The trees… flowering seed
    Hand in hand like your pipe and your weed.

    Your weed… makes you
    Search your soul and uncover the truth.

    -Puff the Dragon -

  • Posted by Francesca Borello on Mar 15, 2017

    Oggi …con bramosia
    qui vogliono una poesia…
    E io da buona italiana caliente
    Mi appresto con fare scrivente
    Per non deludere la gente…
    Io non voglio la combustione
    Perché fa male al polmone
    Quindi attendo il verdetto
    Per trastullarmi con diletto
    Col mio nuovo vaporetto!
    Con rispetto vi lascio detto…
    Una fumata e poi si va a letto!!! :)

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