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420 Science


Pocket Sized Fun! 420 Science set out to create a totally unique storage solution for keeping oils nice and safe. Their Wax Wallet is a small hinged clamshell container with a silicone liner. Featuring a...


Ensure a positive trip We're excited to feature art from the renowned psychedelic artist KIller Acid in our newest jars by 420 Science. For this collaboration, he's created five bold designs that harken back to...


A Friend for Fingers Everywhere Open the lid. Do you know what you’ll see? Reverse bevel. Yeah, that’s right. We said it. Reverse. Bevel. In other words, you won’t be finding any fragments of anything...


The Method to Our Madness UV glass looks cool, but that’s not the only reason they use it. There’s a practical purpose too. You see, the UV Concentrate 420 Science Jar blocks all visible light...

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