It's Dabbing Season

710 is Finally Here

710 is the holiday number dedicated to dabbing and concentrates, with the 10th of July being the hallmarked event. Why 710 you might ask? Well, when flipped upside down, 710 spells out the word OIL, which is a common kind of concentrate. A great joke, but it’s also important to give 710 a day because the more the word gets out about this fantastic smoking method the more likely it is to get legalized someday soon. Dabbing season is all about breaking out your rigs, concentrate vaporizer, vaporizer pens or whatever it is that you use to enjoy the finest oils & waxes.

Use the code OIL15 & get 15% off any item in this collection. Spend $100 & get a free gift. If you spend $140 you will receive a free concentrate vaporizer.

710 Day Sale

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