Acrylic bongs

Acrylic bongs are some of the cheapest bongs on the market, however that is not to discredit their quality. A number of them can perform just as good as a glass bong, although by going with acrylic the manufacturers are able to keep the cost down. Acrylic bongs are a great choice for your standard bong, be it straight style or beaker style tube.The material doesn’t support any of the larger bong elements like percolators, but that’s why they often focus on shape and function.

The shape of acrylic bongs are often much more complex compared to glass bongs, allowing for some fantastic smoke movement throughout the tube. Acrylic bongs are very sturdy, this makes them a fantastic choice for parties. This is if you have a clumsy friend you don’t have to worry. The acrylic bongs can be based to however and no single drop or accident will be able to break the bong. It can be passed around with ease among friends, this small investment you made in an acrylic bong will be safe. Acrylic bongs have carved themselves a place in the bong market and they are not budging.


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