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Dr. Dabber Recycler Pendant This is the Official Recycler Pendant by Dr. Dabber. This is the definitely a show-stopping piece that will come in handy. From starters to experienced smokers will benefit from this. All...


Grav Labs 5.5" Phoenix Ash Catcher This is the Official 5.5" Phoenix Ash Catcher by Grav Labs. This Phoenix Ash Catcher is angled at 90 degrees and the joint size is 19mm this means that...


Grav Labs 5.5" Standard Ash Catcher This is the Official 5.5" Standard Ash Catcher by Grav Labs. This Standard Ash Catcher is angled at 45 degrees and the joint size is 14mm this means that...


This fake nug pil looks just like the real thing. You are able to place this anywhere from a hat, backpack or shirt. These pins are hand made in the US.


Bring your inner super hero out for everyone to see. This pin combines the weed leaf with the resemblance of the superman logo. Put this any where whether it is a hat, shirt, or backpack....


Kush Army Knives are designed for the Cannibis connoisseur. We focused on the needs of the elite smoker to have a tool that can be used if you pipe, vape, joint or dab. All the...


O.pen Battery 2.0 This is the Official battery for the O.pen 2.0. The thread on the battery is 510 and if you use vaporizers with the 510 thread you will know its very difficult to...


No more excuses... keep a clean piece! Res Gel® cleaner is engineered to give your glass the best clean on the market. This natural, clay-based formula easily removes resin and tar from your glass bongs,...


RYOT Personal Combination Lock for Bags Have a RYOT bag or other type of smell proof storage that could use a lock and key? We got you covered! Order yours today!


Shine 1 Sheet Pack King Size Papers When you want to step your game up, then these 24K gold papers are for you! Made with a blended base and the finest edible gold to ensure...


Get your fetish on Simply Golden Fetish Urine Belt Kit includes  synthetic fetish urine, a self-adhesive heating element, a flip-top spout cap, and a temperature strip. For novelty/fetish use only.  Also available in a bottle. 

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