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Arizer Air II USB Charger / Power Adapter This is the Official Charger / Power Adapter for the Arizer Air II. This is a US cable that can be plugged into the wall charger and...


Arizer Air 2 USB Charger Cable If you lost or damaged your USB charging cable for your Arizer Air 2? Don't worry, we've got official replacements ready to go. You'll be able to get back...


Arizer Air II | Portable Aromatherapy Vaporizer The arrival of the Arizer Air II has been much anticipated, and this is mostly down to the exceptional reception the original Air recieved. So, as soon as...


Arizer Air Aroma Tube with Tip Compatible with Arizer Air but also works with the Arizer Solo. The plastic tip allows for the vapor to cool off just enough before it hits your mouth that it gives you a...


Arizer Air Vaporizer Car Charger A car charger that connects via USB to an adapter that fits into your vehicles lighter outlet. Perfect for powering up your Air when you're on the move so you'll...

23% Off

Arizer Air Vaporizer Charger & Power Adapter A replacement charger and power adapter for recharging your Air Vaporizer battery. This version allows the Air to be used while charging. Included: 1 x Arizer Air Charger...

14% Off

Arizer Air Dual Battery Charger A charger designed to charge one or two spare Arizer Air batteries at a time. Included: 1 x External Battery Charger Check out our Arizer Collection!

10% Off

Arizer Air II Car Charger This is the Official Car Charger for the Arizer Air II. In the package, you will find a cigarette lighter charger with a USB slot on it and then you...


Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer Charger and Power Adapter This charger/power adapter is best used for your Arizer Air. It allows you to use your Arizer vaporizer while charging the battery. Check out our Arizer Accessories Collection!


Arizer Air Replacement Battery This is the Official Replacement battery for the Arizer Air. High power Li-Ion Battery with long life designed for use with Arizer Air by Arizer. Included: 1 x Arizer Air Battery Check out...

32% Off

Arizer Air Skin Replacement Perfect for if you lost the protective skin included with your Arizer Air portable vaporizer, or if you just want to have a new look for your Air. This skin is...

33% Off

Arizer Air Skin This Arizer Air skin is a durable silicone sleeve for your Air. It gives it an extra layer of protection and insulation allowing to to protect it from any wear and tear. ...


Arizer Stem Cap Pack (4 Pack) 4 Silicone Stem Caps. Made with medical grade silicone and heat rated for use with cool & hot glass aroma tubes from Arizer. Compatible with all Arizer Glass Aroma tubes...


Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer The Arizer Air Vaporizer is extremely efficient and easy to use, it comes highly recommended for anyone looking for a practical and high quality device, or those who are dreaming of...


Arizer All-Glass Mini Whip A 4'' all glass mini whip with screen attached and designed for connecting to balloons. Compatible with frosted glass mouthpiece. Note: Compatible with the frosted glass mouthpiece (for balloons) only. Included:...

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