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16" Beaker Water Pipe The GRAV 16 inch beaker water pipe is designed for cool and smoother hits. Features For flower Geometric pressed pinch Removable downstem What’s in the box? 1 x - GRAV 16”...


8" Grav Labs Round Water Pipe w/ Fixed Downstem This is the Official 8” Beaker Water Pipe from Grav Labs, this bong comes with a clear glass look with Grav Labs decal on it. Specs:...


Cali Crusher - 10" Beaker  These 10" beakers come ready with a fixed in down stem, double hole perc, and a fire polished 14mm bowl with handle. They are made on 32mm tubing for and...


A Trippy Bowl to take you to a Magical Place "Empire Glassworks is an American glass company located in Placentia, CA made up of a team of highly talented and creative glassblowers. A lot of Empire...


Jane West 10" Beaker Water Pipe American cannabis activist Jane West has collaborated with the master designers at Grav Labs to create a beautiful collection of glassware that is sure to stand out in even...


Description Thick bottom reactor core banger attached! Standing at 5" tall, this little piranha quartz beaker is ready to get the job done. it has an attached reactor core quartz banger which features an extra...


Description Designed bye the one and only Snoop Dog, this water pipe is a simple design thats more focused on function. It has thick glass and perfect welds and the three pinch system allows you...


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