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Black Mamba Glass Inserts The Black Mamba vaporizer uses a glass insert in the mouthpiece to give optimum flavor but eventually, this part will pick up residue and start to lose that awesome taste. When...


Along with the glass insert, the plastic part of the mouthpiece can pick up residue over time which can gradually affect the flavor. If that has started to happen then ditch your old mouthpiece and...


Dr. Dabber Aurora Globe Attachment This is the Official Aurora Globe Attachment by Dr. Dabber. this is an attachment and no a Dr. Dabber vaporizer. This add on is for the people who have a...


Flowermate Chamber Screen OEM replacement chamber screen for the Flowermate V5.0 vaporizers. This is a ceramic heating chamber, specially designed to ensure even vaporization with no stirring that results in a strong quality vapor. Flowermate...


Flowermate Mouthpiece Screen OEM replacement mouthpiece screen for the Flowermate V5.0 vaporizers. A fresh screen means fresh, clean vapor. Flowermate Chamber Features: Keep your Flowermate mouthpiece Clean & Fresh High-Quality Vapor OEM Flowermate Accessory Included:...


Replacement G Pro 5-Pin Wired USB Charger This is a replacement 5-pin USB charger for the G-Pro Portable Vaporizer. 5-pin USB chargers are convenient and make finding a place to recharge easy. Included: 1 x...


G Pro Mouthpiece - BlackThis is the Official Mouthpiece for the G Pro by Grenco Science. 


G Slim Concentrate Quartz Grenco Science are always working hard to bring us the best value for money when it comes to vaporizing and they’ve now upgraded the G Slim giving you even more reasons...


G Tool This is the Official G Tool by Grenco Science. The G Tool is made out of Stainless Steel. The G Tool is used to help you out when it comes to handling your...


These spare batteries for the Grasshopper vaporizer will allow you to keep on vaping even when your original battery is in need of a charge. Simply swap them out and carry on like usual. 


KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer Pen Designed in the USA, the KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer Pen features a deep, wickless quartz crystal chamber and an elevated airflow system. The temperature-controlled battery, dual quartz rods and titanium coil make...


Kannasțr bring us this beautifuly designed, sleek 4 piece metal Dried Product Grinder and it is machine finshed from the highest quality aluminum which has been through an anodized process to create the smoothest and...


Puffco Plus Chamber Puffco Plus full ceramic chamber is designed to optimize the capacity & taste of your concentrate. It contains no glues and exposed metals. You can load it with ease in no time...


Puffco Plus Mouthpiece: Puffco plus original mouthpiece & splash guard has been designed to use exclusively with Puffco Plus. Created by the puffco team of in-house engineers & crafted from high-quality material. The mouthpiece sits...


Does it really launch...? Famous Brandz has brought to us something special in honor of the Trailer Park Boys. This glass bong breaks the mold of traditionally shaped bongs and had made up rules all...


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