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Black Scale | G Pro Vaporizer


DaVinci Oil Can Set Oil Can Set is for use with liquids and solid concentrates in DaVinci vaporizer. (NOTE: This is for the DaVinci Vaporizer only - not Ascent) Features For Davinci Vaporizer For Solid Aromatherapy Concentrates...


Firefly 2 External Charger (cable not included)


The Fury Edge: A QUICK INTRO Forget your gimmicks and your cutting edge design, what you want is a vape that works well, has a whole lot of power, and gives you some impressive clouds....


G Slim - Concentrate Vaporizer The G Slim is a concentrate pen vaporizer that is not only portable but also very affordable. This light weight, sleek unit is very simple to use and provides high...


Step your sessions up with this Gear Premium Swiss Globe dab rig from MaryJanes. The UFO perc adds another layer of filtration to further cool down your smoke for a smoother, fuller, more flavourful hits. Comes with a quartz banger....


Healthy Rips Fury 2: A Quick Intro Healthy Rips delivers affordable easy to travel with portable vaporizers. The Fury 2 now with faster charging, adjustable session timers, and a larger temperature range.  The Fury 2...


Plenty Wear and Tear Set The Plenty Vaporizer is one serious piece of kit that you're no doubt going to want to take care of. To keep it vaporizing at its optimal level you'll need to clean...

$220.00 $275.00

Pulsar Rök Vaporizer Over the years, Pulsar has gained a reputation for creating some of the best vaping options on the market. They cater to consumers of all needs, producing many of the staple portable...

20% OFF

Shine 1 Sheet Pack King Size Papers When you want to step your game up, then these 24K gold papers are for you! Made with a blended base and the finest edible gold to ensure...


An intense healing foot lotion to make even the driest feet feel like they are swimming. Made with CBD isolate the purest form of CBD, shea butter, and aloe Social CBD foot renewal cream deeply...


Social CBD has created an easy and no-mess way to get CBD through the skin without having lotions or oils. These CBD patches are an easy and convenient way to target localized aches and pains...

$111.30 $159.00

A Quick Intro The XVAPE Vista Mini 2 is a dab rig like no other. It follows on from the original XVAPE Vista Mini model which took the market by storm upon its release. Paying...

30% OFF

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