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3500mAh 18650 battery by Da Vinci Never run out of juice again with a backup battery for your DaVinci IQ. Packing 3500mAh this lithium-ion battery will keep those hits coming for even longer.  Compatible with...


5 Mouthpieces for GoBoof Alfa Vaporizer A 5 pack of replacement / spare mouthpieces for your GoBoof Alfa vaporizer. Included: 5 x Alfa Mouthpieces 

35% Off

Ares Glass Mouthpiece | Linx Replacement glass mouthpiece specifically designed to use exclusively with Linx Ares. Ares Glass Mouthpiece Features: Compatible only with Linx Ares. It can be attached directly to Ares's sheath. A Linx...


If you have lost or broken your charger for you Linx Ares then this original replacement part is what you need.


Ares USB Charger | Linx Replacement USB charger designed to use exclusively with Linx Ares. This USB charger is only compatible to use with Linx Ares. Keep in mind, Ares requires this original charging port...


Arizer Air Vaporizer Car Charger A car charger that connects via USB to an adapter that fits into your vehicles lighter outlet. Perfect for powering up your Air when you're on the move so you'll...

23% Off

Arizer Air Vaporizer Charger & Power Adapter A replacement charger and power adapter for recharging your Air Vaporizer battery. This version allows the Air to be used while charging. Included: 1 x Arizer Air Charger...

14% Off

Arizer Air Dual Battery Charger A charger designed to charge one or two spare Arizer Air batteries at a time. Included: 1 x External Battery Charger Check out our Arizer Collection!

10% Off

Arizer Air Replacement Battery This is the Official Replacement battery for the Arizer Air. High power Li-Ion Battery with long life designed for use with Arizer Air by Arizer. Included: 1 x Arizer Air Battery Check out...

32% Off

Arizer All-Glass Mini Whip A 4'' all glass mini whip with screen attached and designed for connecting to balloons. Compatible with frosted glass mouthpiece. Note: Compatible with the frosted glass mouthpiece (for balloons) only. Included:...


Arizer All-Glass Aroma Tube (for Air and Solo) Compatible with the Arizer Air and Solo portable vaporizers. Included: 1 x All-Glass Aroma Tube Mouthpiece (70mm Height) Check out our Arizer Collection!


Arizer Extreme Q Glass Balloon Mouthpieces Borosilicate glass mouthpieces for the Extreme Q Vaporizer. Includes O-rings for attaching balloon. Used to seal the vapor into your balloon bag by fitting snugly into the Arizer Mini...


Arizer Extreme Q Glass Mouthpiece This Arizer Glass Mouthpiece is interchangeable, provides added comfort and is very easy to change. If multiple people plan on using the Vaporizer, these high-quality mouthpieces will ensure a germ-free...


Arizer Glass Aroma Dish (for Air and Solo) For use with Potpourri and Aromatherapy. Compatible with Arizer Air and Solo vaporizers. Potpourri not included. Included: 1 x Glass Aroma Dish Check out our Arizer Collection!

34% Off

Arizer Long Whip This is an original manufacturer's part for a guaranteed perfect fit every time. Made using only the highest quality materials to ensure a smooth, clean vapor. Long Whip is intended for use...


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