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Acrylic Bubble Bong This is an Official Acrylic Bubble bong, the bong is made from Acrylic, which means its going to be a long lasting bong as Acrylic glassware are shatterproof. This means you can...


Eyce 2.0 Waterpipe Ninja Suit This is the Official Waterpipe Ninja Suit by Eyce. Think of the the Ninja Suit as a little jacket that you put on the Eyce 2.0 Ice pipe. Normal the...


Firefly 2 Top Lid These Firefly 2 lids come in a variety of colors which mean your device can be customized by simply swapping out the cover for a different one. The lining is borosilicate...


Kannasțr bring us this beautifuly designed, sleek 4 piece metal Dried Product Grinder and it is machine finshed from the highest quality aluminum which has been through an anodized process to create the smoothest and...


O.pen Battery 2.0 This is the Official battery for the O.pen 2.0. The thread on the battery is 510 and if you use vaporizers with the 510 thread you will know its very difficult to...


Santa Cruz Shredder - 3 Part Medium Grinder The Santa Cruz Shredder is a medical-grade anodized aluminum dried product grinder with an ultimate, new dried product Shredder technology. Every element of the Shredder has been...

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Storz & Bickel Acrylic Dried Herb Grinder This is the Official Dried Herb Mill from Storz & Bickel. The dried herb mill is another word for a grinder, so it does the exact same as a grinder.   Features Certified...


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