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Arizer Air II Battery This is the Official Battery for the Arizer Air II. This is a high powered, long lasting battery. Its defiantly a must have accessory if you’re finding the battery on your...


Arizer Extreme Q Frosted Glass Balloon Mouthpiece This is the Official Frosted Glass Balloon Mouthpiece by Arizer Extreme Q, this Mouthpiece allows the user the connect the Extreme Q desktop vapoizer balloons to the device. ...


Blazer Big Shot GT8000 If you want the best torch on the market then the Blazer Big Shot GT8000 is exactly what you need. It is considered the absolute Daddy of torches for dabbing with nothing...


If you want to add another level of sophistication to your CFV then this is the piece for you. This water bubbler fits straight to the top of your CFV instead of the regular mouthpiece....


Dr. Dabber Ghost Top - Includes Atomizer and Mouthpiece Top This is the Official Ghost Top, this includes the top for the Ghost, Atomizer and Mouthpiece Top. This is definitely a well needed kit to...


Dr. Dabber Globe Atomizer This is the Official Globe Atomizer by Dr. Dabber. This is a definitely a well needed replacement part. This is an affordable glass globe bubble atomizer, its suitable for heavy wax...

$13.99 $19.99

Eyce 2.0 Waterpipe Ninja Suit This is the Official Waterpipe Ninja Suit by Eyce. Think of the the Ninja Suit as a little jacket that you put on the Eyce 2.0 Ice pipe. Normal the...

30% OFF
$62.97 $89.95

Eyce Mold 2.0 - Ice pipe Mold This is the Official Ice pipe Mold by Eyce, if you like hitting pipes that are pure chilled this is definitely for you. The mold allows you to...

30% OFF

Firefly Battery Door Pick up a replacement battery door for your Firefly from us today. Each door has been crafted using a silver magnesium alloy to give your battery protection from any accidental drops and...


Marley Natural Glass Filters Upgrade your smoking habits from the old school paper roaches to these stylish 7mm glass filter tips from Marley Naturals. Each tip can be used again and again and will last you...

20% Off
$111.29 $158.99

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong This stunning piece of scientific glass from Higher Standards is a perfect addition to any serious glass collection.  The beaker is masterfully blown using durable medical-grade borosilicate glass giving...

30% OFF

Higher Standards Salt Rox - 23 oz Water alone isn't enough to keep your bongs and rigs clean as stubborn residue will prove to you if you try it. That's where Higher Standards Salt Rox...


IQ Glass Spacers The IQ Glass Spacer is designed for use with your Davinci IQ Vaporizer. The Davinci Glass Spacer will allow you to pack smaller bowls and conserve more material. It's well known now...

45% Off

Kannasțr bring us this beautifuly designed, sleek 4 piece metal Dried Product Grinder and it is machine finshed from the highest quality aluminum which has been through an anodized process to create the smoothest and...


Kannastör GR8TR V2 Series Grinder Kannastör is back with an incredible line of new GR8TR V2 grinders that are set to push the standards even further. Every aspect has been given attention to ensure that...

7% Off

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