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Arizer Parts & Accessories

$9.99 4 reviews

Arizer Solo Replacement Glass Mouthpiece If you've lost or broken the mouthpiece for your Arizer Solo or just want a spare, get it here. Each mouthpiece comes fitted with a built-in glass screen. Airzer Solo Replace Glass...

$7.49 2 reviews

Arizer All-Glass Aroma Tube (for Air and Solo) Compatible with the Arizer Air and Solo portable vaporizers. Included: 1 x All-Glass Aroma Tube Mouthpiece (70mm Height) Check out our Arizer Collection!

$14.99 1 review

Arizer All-Glass Mini Whip A 4'' all glass mini whip with screen attached and designed for connecting to balloons. Compatible with frosted glass mouthpiece. Note: Compatible with the frosted glass mouthpiece (for balloons) only. Included:...


Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Whip Kit This kit from Arizer is guaranteed to fit perfect everytime. Made from high quality materials to ensure smooth clean vapor. This Whip Kit is intended for use with the Arizer...


Arizer Solo - Charging Dock This is the Official Charger Dock for the Arizer Solo Vaporizer. The charging dock allows you to charge the vaporizer in a standing position, it also turns your portable vaporizer...


Arizer Solo Screen Set This is the Official Screen set for the Arizer Solo. The Arizer Solo screen set.is a well needed accessory for the Arizer Solo and the Arizer Air. Features They’re made out...


Arizer Air II Battery This is the Official Battery for the Arizer Air II. This is a high powered, long lasting battery. Its defiantly a must have accessory if you’re finding the battery on your...


Arizer Solo Extra Charger This is an extra charger just incase you misplaced yours, or just want an extra one to leave at a friends house. Make sure your vaporizer never dies by having one...


Extreme Q Remote Control The Extreme Remote Control allows you to use your Extreme Q from as far as 20 feet. This remote has many easy to use functions such as timed automatic shut off...

25% Off

Arizer Air Battery This is the Official Battery for the Arizer Air. This is a high powered, long lasting battery. Its defiantly a must-have accessory if you’re finding the battery on your device getting slow and sluggish, Features...


Arizer Air II USB Charger / Power Adapter This is the Official Charger / Power Adapter for the Arizer Air II. This is a US cable that can be plugged into the wall charger and...


Arizer Air II Car Charger This is the Official Car Charger for the Arizer Air II. In the package, you will find a cigarette lighter charger with a USB slot on it and then you...


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