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The iconic form of the beaker bong is a huge part of the cultural landscape surrounding bongs. The bell-bottomed flashes are instantly recognizable thanks to their near-ubiquitous presence in pop culture. 

However, they have a lot more going for them than good looks. Beaker bottom bongs have several key advantages. For one, they have an additional level of stability thanks to their large footprint. This is essential if the bong is being passed around at a party, all it takes is one clumsy person to end the session permanently.

Another plus of the beaker shape is that it has enough space for a bigger water reservoir. This means more cooling and less maintenance. 

Affordable options for Beaker Bong

Quartz Beaker with Thick Bottom Reactor Core Banger Nail

This bong from Dankstop is designed to work with concentrates. It features a borosilicate glass construction, and a quartz banger nail. Quartz is a fantastic material for nails, it heats up incredibly quickly, offering rapid and consistent dab hits. 

The beaker shape is great for dab hits as its broader reservoir offers an increased level of cooling which is a must for the temperatures that dabs operate at. 

Beaker Base Water Pipe

No bells, whistles, or distractions. This beaker base bong is the epitome of its kind. It offers incredible levels of stability, amazing hits, and a lot of space for a reservoir of cooling water. If you want the classic beaker bong experience and aesthetic, then this is the perfect bong for you. 

Top picks of Beaker Bong

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong

This piece is every inch of the classic glass beaker bong. Blown from medical-grade borosilicate glass, it has a high level of thermal stability and features an extra-wide base. Special attention was given to the design, including a forty-five-degree angled downstem. This is more ergonomic to use and helps protect the piece from any thermal damage from open flames.

Finally, this bong comes with a specially designed ice mold that helps users create an ice cube perfectly shaped for the neck of the bong, this adds an extra level of incredible cooling to each hit. 

Empire Glassworks - Mini Beaker Aquatic

Empire Glassworks specializes in truly spectacular pieces, and this mini beaker bong is a true stand-out for them. It is made out of high-quality borosilicate glass and each bong is individually handcrafted. Inside, the diffuser is a mini-sculpture of a cornucopia. This is a true work of art. This bong is the perfect flagship piece for any collection. 

GRAV Labs 8" Beaker Bong w/ Fixed Downstem

Grav Labs are a mainstay in the bong scene for a reason, they create some of the best and most reliable pieces on the market today. This incredible bong from Grav labs features the classic beaker design with black accented glass in the mouthpiece. This piece also features a notch in its neck that allows users to drop ice cubes in for an added level of incredible cooling. 

What to look for in Beaker Bong

When you're looking at a beaker bong, one of the main things to consider is the material it is made out of. A decent piece will be made out of borosilicate glass. This is a type of treated glass that has silica added to it during its creation. This results in a clear, non-reactive glass that is incredibly resistant to thermal shock and stress fractures. 

This is perfect for bongs which tend to be operated with open flames and other forms of combustion. On top of this, its non-reactive nature means that it won't affect the flavor of your hits, or permanently discolor. 

Other materials do exist, one of the most notable of which is silicone. While this may seem strange at first, silicone is heat-resistant and non-reactive. Bongs made out of this material are a fantastic, non-brittle alternative to glass. 

Differences between all Beaker Bong

Despite the fact that they are part of such a specific niche, beaker bongs have a surprising amount of variation. The most obvious variation is the size of the bong. This aspect has a direct influence on the power of your hits. A bong with a longer neck allows you to build up a large amount of smoke for each hit. 

Another variation is the presence or omission of percolators. These are specialized pieces of glass that connect to the bong's downstem. They break each hit up into a mass of smaller bubbles. This actually increases the surface area of the smoke, allowing the water reservoir to more effectively cool it. 

Advantages of Beaker Bongs

  1. Stability 
  2. Bigger Reservoirs
  3. Classic Shape

Disadvantages of Beaker Bongs

  1. Glass can be brittle
  2. Relies nearly entirely on combustion. 


Can Beaker Bongs Be Used With Vaporizers?

Beaker bongs are mainly used with dry herbs packed into a bowl or concentrate in a nail. However, they are also compatible with vaporizers if the device in question has a water tool that fits the bong's joint.

Are Beaker Bongs Better Than Straight Bongs?

Both beaker and straight bongs are fantastic ways to enjoy dry herbs. The main difference between the two comes down to personal preference. If you like increased stability, then the beaker is for you. If you prefer something that is a bit easier to handle and store, then the bong may suit your tastes better. 

Are Beaker Bongs Easy To Clean?

Cleaning beaker bongs is no different from cleaning any other type of bong. Use a cleaning solution or isopropyl alcohol to gently break up and wash away any grime or build up. More specific spot cleaning can be done with soft-bristled brushes, or with pipe cleaners when it comes to joints or downstems.


Beaker bongs are a classic and have been a must have in the bong scene for longer than any of us have been alive. They offer incredible hits, fantastic cooling, and a pretty sweet laboratory anesthetic that is to die for. Whether you're a newcomer, a traditionalist, a casual user, or any other kind of bong fan, then the classic beaker bottom bong is an essential addition to your collection.