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Bong Accessories


GRAV Angle cut dome is perfect for great vape without a traditional dome. Order yours today! Features: Easier Smoking Experience High Quality Borosilicate Glass Grav Decal Joint: 14mm Female Height: 2.5"


GRAV LABS - Clear Cylinder Angle Cut Top Vapor Dome - 10mm Light and easy to use. Order yours today! Features: GRAV Logo


GRAV Angle Cut Dome  Keep a Replacement on Tap! Order yours today! Features: Grav Labs Angle Cut Dome w/19mm Joint


Grav Labs Female Domeless Quartz Nail w/ 14mm Joint The 14mm GRAV® Female Domeless Nail made of heat-tolerant quartz is compatible with any 14mm male joint.  The dish is designed for vaporizing plant extract. Order...


GRAV Labs 2' Plug Adapter 19mm Joint - Clear (5 pack) The 19mm GRAV® Glass Plug is compatible with any 19mm female joint and seals a water pipe during cleaning. Order yours today! Features: Glass...


Glow in the dark timer/carb cap Tired of using your cell phone timer to accurately measure the cool-down times of your quartz nails? Now you don't have to! Introducing the 3-in-1 Shot Clock Carb Cap...


It's Getting Hot in Here! This Fire Ranger Samus carb cap from Empire Glass features  wonderful directional flow. The two holes embedded in this cap guide the oil in a fixed airflow through the bucket. Order yours today!  Features: Intricate Lampwork...


Cali Crusher Adjustable Titanium Nails have an adjustable nail head for max air flow that is easy to remove for cleaning. Great for enthusiasts that don't want to bother with domes or globes. Measures approx...


No more excuses... keep a clean piece! Res Gel® cleaner is engineered to give your glass the best clean on the market. This natural, clay-based formula easily removes resin and tar from your glass bongs,...


Bug Out with this Bug's Life Bowl Piece Eco system and inspired Empire Glassworks, Bug's Life Bowl Piece charming as it reminds us to protect Mother Earth. Check out the mossy log and colorful mushrooms...


Perfect for your piece! A beehive themed male slide bowl by Empire Glassworks with a comfortable grip pinch for easy slide use. Handmade in California, USA with exclusive borosilicate glass colors and available in 14mm...


Smoke under the sea! This under the sea replacement bowl by Empire Glassworks is perfect for potent hits. Especially great for lovers of the sea. This male jointed bowl features an under the sea theme...


Piranha Quartz Carb Cap Piranha Quartz Carb Cap has a tool to load your concentrate! Making it as easy as possible for you to load. 


Slurpy Terps! Empire Glassworks has come out with a popular video game themed line of glass! This slurp juice inspired carb cap is guaranteed to give you that boost. Use it on your glass piece...


Dab Better and Stronger! Boost your Dab Game with Empire Works Carb Cap Shield Potion. The Shield Potion is a popular video game inspired carb cap. The bottom tube helps to direct airflow. Simply heat...

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