Bongs are one of the best and most classic ways to consume your materials. Their water filtration allows a much more enjoyable experience and can provide the most smooth and tasty hits. 

Whatever your preference, you can find an excellent bong here at Powered By Lifted.

We have a huge selection of different styles, from classic tubes and beakers to more modern recyclers to bubblers. Whether you are a more classic or unique style fan we have it all for you to choose from. Powered By Lifted stock Glass, Acrylic, Percolator, Cheap and Premium Bongs. Check out our fantastic range below to find the right one for you.

Acrylic Bongs

Acrylic bongs are great value and can be an excellent alternative to some of the high-grade and more expensive glass styles. These durable and affordable pieces are the perfect recommendation for beginners. If you're on the hunt for an acrylic bong we recommend checking out the Acrylic Straight Bong Rasta.

With acrylic you'll discover a whole new side to smoking and will be able to get your session underway with ease and convenience. It's the perfect stepping stone before purchasing an expensive premium model.

Glass Bongs

Glass Bongs are the traditional and often most popular style of bongs. They have an advantage of endless possibilities when it comes to design and users are able to choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and even colors. So, everyone will be sure to find a glass bong here at Namaste, best suited to their needs. 

We take great pride in our ever-growing vast selection of glass bongs. The prices are not only unbeatable, but the stock is also smashing. Currently the most popular glass bong on site is the Grav Labs 8" Beaker Water Pipe.

Percolator Bongs

With the smoking community growing rapidly in recent years, percolator bongs are the new cream of the crop when it comes to smooth hits. These devices can act as a means of both cooling and filtering your smoke, providing you with some high-quality hits. The most popular percolator bong on site is the Snoop Pounds Battleship.

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