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Boundless CFC Lite: A Quick Intro

Portable vapes are great because they’re portable. However, let’s say you like to keep things light, really light. You don’t have a single gram to spare and you need a device that’s as discreet as possible. Well, that’s where the Boundless CFC Lite comes in. This vape is so small that it should come with a wrist strap so you don’t lose it down the back of the couch.

Not only is it small, it's packed with all the power and reliability that you’d expect from a Boundless vaporizer. The CFC Lite may be one of the finest ultra-compact portable vapes out there, with super fast heating, a decent chamber, and incredible vapor quality.

So if keeping things as compact as possible is a must for you, then look no further than the Boundless CFC.


Boundless CFC Lite Vaporizer

18350 Battery

Micro USB Cable

Cleaning Brush

Stir Tool

Five Oven Screens

Five Mouthpiece Screens


The Boundless CFC Lite Vaporizer Tech Specification

cfc lite tech spec

Here’s what the Boundless CFC Lite Has to offer. 



Compatible With:

Dry Herb




 2.5 oz

Chamber Capacity:


Heating System:



18350 Replaceable Battery

Battery Life:

Up to 5 sessions

Charging Time:

60 Minutes

Temperature Range:

206°F - 420°F

Temperature Display:

LED Light

Auto Shut Off:


Smartphone Compatibility:



1 Year Warranty

The CFC Lite: 5 Key Features

Boundless are well known for their fantastic portable vaporizers that are utterly packed with solid and useful features. Hoeveer, the CFC Lite is an incredibly small vape, is there even enough room for a host of different features? Fear not, Boundless know what they’re doing and the CFC Lite is just as advanced and feature-rich as its bigger brother. So, let’s take a look at some of the best qualities of the Boundless CFC Lite.

1. Design

cfc lite design

The CFC Lite is Boundless’ smallest vaporizer yet. At first glance you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a USB thumb drive, that’s how compact it is. The main focus of this vape was clearly discretion, and usability. It has a discreet, ergonomic black body. It’s easy to handle thanks to its textured grip and rubberized finish, this is the ideal vape for fishing out of your bag or pocket for a quick hit. However, you have to be aware that this finish REALLY doesn’t react well to isopropyl alcohol, even a drop will ruin it, so be careful when you’re cleaning!

While not too heavy, it has a comfortable heft that gives it a reassuring sense of quality. The main operations of the vape are found at either end; the bottom of the vape has a little twist cap that comes away to reveal the removable battery, while the top pulls away to expose the herb chamber. These covers can be easy to lose if you’re not careful, so bear that in mind. Finally, the display is where the biggest sacrifices have been made in the name of saving space. Instead of a screen, this vape features a LED light that flashes different colors for different temperature levels. On the top of the vape, there are four little lights that flash to indicate available battery life.

2. Great Controls

Usually when a vaporizer is this compact it has confusing controls. It’s weird, for some reason when designers are coming up with space saving measures, one of the first things to go is intuitive controls. Thankfully, the CFC Lite has a simple and intuitive control scheme. Everything is done via a tri-colour lit button. This allows you to select temperature levels, check the battery, and of course; turn the device on and off. The impressive heat up time of this device (more on that below!) is augmented by the great haptic feedback, so even the most forgetful vape fan will know when it’s time to hit this device.

3. Impressive Chamber

This is a compact vape, and that usually means that space is a scarce resource, however Boundless have used it efficiently. This means that the CFC lite has an impressive chamber for its size, capable of holding up to 0.4g of herb. This means that you can enjoy pretty decent sessions on the go! The CFC Lite comes with several removable stainless steel screens to help keep any particles out of the airpath and to make packing that much easier. The CFC Lite has a small external airhole, so if you’re ever taking a hit and you find that it's a bit restricted, double check to make sure that you’re not blocking airflow to the chamber with your finger!

4. Super-Fast Heat Up Time

The Boundless CFC Lite is obviously intended to be a portable vape that’s meant to be used on the go. Creating a good portable vape involves a lot more than simply creating something that’s physically small, it also has to be easy to use on the go. Thankfully, the CFC Lite has a super-fast heat up time, which is a MUST when it comes to an everyday use vaporizer.

Despite its small size, the CFC Lite has some serious power and can hit vaping temperature in less than 40 seconds. Cycling through temperature settings is similarly swift. This vape is perfect for quick hits that are ready to go exactly when you need them.

5. Impressive Clouds!

Not only is the Boundless CFC quick to heat up, it is also a pint sized powerhouse when it comes to the sheer clouds that it can produce. Gone are the days of discreet vapes producing discreet clouds, the CFC Lite can spew out some seriously impressive fog banks. Its vapor quality is seriously satisfying and is totally free of any harshness or disgusting plastic tastes.

CFC Lite Heating

The Boundless CFC Lite: How to Use It

As we said above the Boundless CFC is an incredibly simple to use device. To activate it, press the light-up power and control button five times in rapid succession to turn it on. This button is also used to cycle through the available temperature options. To do this, simply hold the button down for three seconds and it will take you to the next temperature setting up. The Settings range from low (blue) medium (green), and high (red). When the device reaches vaping temperature, it will buzz its haptic feedback, letting you know that it's ready to go. After about five minutes, the auto-shut off should kick in and deactivate the device.

  • Loading the CFC Lite: The Boundless CFC Lite is a simple vaporizer to load, as can be expected with any vaporizer that is designed for quick, simple sessions. To begin, gently remove the mouthpiece by pulling it off of the vaporizer. This should expose the herb chamber. Then, carefully decant herb into the chamber, gently tamping it down with the included stirring tool. Ensure that you have a slightly above medium pack. Then replace the mouthpiece and you’ll be ready to go.
  • Getting Best Vapor Quality with the CFC Lite: The CFC Lite is a conduction vaporizer, this means that it directly heats your herb. When preparing to load a conduction vape, it's important to keep in mind that it works best when you expose the maximum amount of surface area to the heating system. This means that a fine grind works best. On top of this, a dense pack works best too. Allowing you to get the very most out of each load.
  • Cleaning the CFC Lite: The CFC Lite is as easy to clean and maintain as it is to load. Every couple of sessions you’ll want to give the chamber a clean out, this is because over time, resin and grime will build up and in a conduction vape, this can lead to hot spots. Using a qtip wetted with a little Isopropyl alcohol, carefully clean out the interior of the chamber, breaking up and wiping away any grime. It is very important that you don’t spill any of this alcohol, as it can ruin the external finish of the CFC Lite. Be sure to clean and periodically swap out the filters that go into the chamber and mouthpiece of the device. Finally, reassemble your vape, and put it through a heating cycle. This ensures that any alcohol residue evaporates away.

The Boundless CFC Lite: Should You Buy It?

The Boundless CFC Lite is a compact and surprisingly powerful vaporizer that is purpose built to be used on the go. It features a robust build, generous chamber, rapid heat up time, and decent vapor quality. If you want a vaporizer that you can carry with you all day and will give you a powerful vape hit whenever and wherever you want, then the CFC Lite is a pretty serious contender to consider.

However, there are some downsides. While it’s battery is decent it doesn’t have the best life, and on top of that it doesn’t have pass-through charging. So, if you’re caught short, you’ll have to wait until your vape recharges before you can use it again. Of course, the battery is also removable, so you can have a couple of fully-charged spares with you to keep your session going. Overall, there are few vapes on the market of this size that can offer the sort of power that the Boundless CFC Lite can.

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GREAT little 'vape'...GREAT price

I have had a Dray Mig Vapor for several years. It always worked very well, then one day the USB charging port pushed into the machine when I tried to plug in the cord to charge it. Tried, but couldn't find anyone to repair it so went looking for a new vape. Spotted the CFC Lite on Amazon then for a considerably cheaper price at I liked the looks and description and also that it has a changeable battery. Ordered one and was surprised how quickly it came. Have used it a couple times (was still able to use the old one till the battery got low). I find it works just as well, hope it lasts as long. GREAT little 'vape' Great price...GREAT service from Namaste! Recommend them and the product. Jack

Boundless CFC Lite

Boundless CFC Lite