Box Mods

Box Mods Vaporizers

A box mod is one of the most powerful types of vaporizers there is, it is a modified portable vaporizer. Box mods are different from other vaporizers in certain ways. Box Mods typically come with a larger battery that lasts longer than vape pens and small vapes.The term Box mods incorporates mechanical mods, TC mods, regulated box mods like Variable Voltage(VV) Mods and VariableWattage(VW) Mods.

Why Box Mods?

Have you been vaping for a long period of time? Would you call yourself a vape enthusiast? If so you may decide that you want to upgrade to an advanced device. This is where the Box Mods comes into play. Box Mods offer nearly unlimited customization which is perfect for each individual to build a vape around their specific vaping needs. This may be alternating between the level of intensity of a throat hit or just having an extensive collection of atomizers for a different occasion.The majority of Box Mods will have a built-in battery/charging system and come with atomizer tanks while other Box Mods will need additional parts in order to function. The vaping industry is one in which is exploding in popularity around the world. More and more Vape enthusiasts are moving to 30, 50 and even 200 watt machines.

NamasteVapes offers a variety of box mods from some of the biggest and the most renowned names that you might recognize such as Atmos box mods (Atmos Vaporizers), Cloupor box mods, Tesla box mods and Kanger box mods.

Benefits of Box Mods Vaporizers


One of the best features of box mod vaporizers is their ability to control temperature. Traditional vaporizers have a one size fits all approach to temperature. The user had zero control over how hot their vaporizer hit was and they were often left wondering at what temperature were they vaping at.

Although with box mod vaporizers, users can specify what temperature they want their vapor to be. This control may seem insignificant at first, but after using this feature, you’ll be sure to see the benefits.

Say farewell to dry hits with temperature control. If you’ve ever used a vaporizer without temperature control, you will be familiar with the dry hit. When a vaporizer without temperature control runs out of e liquid, vapers experience what is called a dry hit.


One of the major reasons box mod vaporizers are so popular is that they tend to have a much longer battery life. Battery life on a vaporizer can be significantly   important for people using vaping as a means of quitting smoking.


Wattage control is another great benefit of box mods. With wattage control, vapers can have greater customization options over how much vapor they receive per hit, how much of a throat hit they achieve, and how their flavor tastes.

SUB-OHM Vaping

If you’re unfamiliar with ohms, they are the unit of measurement that determines how much resistance is applied to the electrical signal traveling from the battery to the atomizer. A sub-ohm vaporizer allows for a lot less electrical resistance allowing for more signal to flow to the atomizer.

A bigger cloud is one of the most significant improvements. Vapers love the massive clouds they can get with these attachments. Along with huge clouds, users can draw out more flavor from their vapor which creates a more pleasant experience overall.

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