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Box Mods

Box Mods Vaporizers - NamasteVapes

Box mods to put very simply, are modified portable vaporizer and vape pens. The term Box Mods can be a bit of a blanket statement as it incorporates mechanical mods, TC mods, regulated box mods like Variable Voltage(VV) Mods and VariableWattage(VW) Mods. If you are a self proclaimed Vape enthusiast who has been vaping or using a personal vaporizer for quite some time now and you have gathered a lot of Vaping experience, you may come to the point to where you want a much more advanced device. This is where the Box Mods come into play. Box Mods offer nearly unlimited customisation which is perfect for each individual to build a Vape around their specific Vaping needs. The majority of Box Mods will have a built-in battery/charging system and come with atomizer tanks while other Box Mods will need additional parts in order to function. 

This is an area of the vaping industry that is seriously beginning to explode in popularity. More and more Vape enthusiasts are moving to 30, 50 and even 200 watt machines.

NamasteVapes offers a variety of box mods from some of the biggest and most renowned names that you might recognize such as Atmos box mods (Atmos Vaporizers), Cloupor box mods, Tesla box mods and Kanger box mods.