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Bubblers are similar to bongs in many ways, however, they are more often intended for use with concentrates. They also tend to be more squat and compact than many bongs, being built with a specialized design that maximizes water cooling in the most space efficient way. Some bubblers also come with built-in bowls that allow users to enjoy bong-style cooling with pipe-style simplicity. 

Many glass bubblers come bundled with nails, these are specifically designed for use with concentrates. They are made out of heat-resistant materials like quartz, titanium, or ceramic. This is because dabs require incredibly high temperatures, often reached with the use of a butane torch. 

Affordable options for Bubblers

Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler

This visually striking piece from Marley Naturals offers a huge amount of bang for your buck. It is designed to work with dry herbs, allowing you to enjoy a session with minimal mess and maximum cooling. It is built out of high-quality glass that has been tinted a dark grey. It features a built-in diffuser that breaks up your hit into a flurry of smaller bubbles, this increases the overall surface area for the water to cool, leading to even smoother hits!

9" Grav Labs Upright Bubbler

Grav Labs are a fixture in the glass industry, looking at this incredible little bubbler it's easy to see why. This compact piece features a thick borosilicate glass construction. This type of glass is resistant to thermal shock and stress fractures. It also features a built-in showerhead percolator that maximizes the level of cooling the bubbler is capable of. The 9-inch tall design of this piece is incredibly comfortable to use, and the angled mouthpiece is ergonomic and easy to take hits from. 

Eyce Silicone Bubbler

Eyce is famous for upending the design conventions of the bong scene. One of their biggest defining factors is their use of silicone in their designs. Silicone is a resilient material and an amazing alternative to brittle glass. It is also heat resistant so you don't have to worry about scorching or melting. Finally, silicone is dishwasher friendly making maintenance a breeze

Top picks of Bubblers

Cali Crusher - 7" Bubbler - Full Body

This seven-inch bubbler has a three-in-one modular design, capable of being used as a bubbler, a spoon pip, or a one-hitter. It features a sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum exterior and a pure borosilicate glass air pipe. Its herb chamber is secured by a magnetic lid that easily clicks into place and protects against spills and leaks. 

Finally, its painted four way quick lock allows users to quickly adjust their herb experience on the fly before loading the bubbler. 

GRAV Mini Hammer Bubbler

This mini hammer offers amazing water cooling in a super-compact and portable form. It is built for use with dry herbs, featuring a carb hole that allows users to adjust the types of hits they get to enjoy. It features a colored downstem, feet, and mouthpiece. 

Rasta hammer style bubbler

This hammer-style bubbler features a fixed downstem that filters each hit through a small, internal water reservoir. It features intricate colored glass that is arranged in iconic rasta colors. Its hammer design increases the amount of cooling it provides by increasing the length of the airpath. 

What to look for in Bubblers

There is a lot of variation, however, one thing you should always keep an eye out for is the overall material it is made of. If you were going for a glass piece then borosilicate glass is a must. This material is non-reactive, so it won't affect the flavor of your hits and it is thermal shock resistant. Aside from this, other materials include silicone and even metals like aluminum or titanium. These materials offer a greater level of resilience but at the expense of that classic glass aesthetic. 

On top of this, you should always check to see if your bubbler has a percolator, this can greatly increase the level of cooling the piece can provide. 

Differences between all Bubblers

The main difference between types of bubblers is whether they are intended for use with dry herb, concentrate, or both! Dry herb bubblers come equipped with a bowl. This is designed to be packed with ground dry herb before heat is applied. Nails, on the other hand, and designed for use with concentrates. They need to be heated up before the material is applied. Bubblers that can be used with both, often have a commonly used joint that is compatible with many nails or bowls. 

Advantages of Bubblers

  1. Compact Cooling
  2. Perfect for Dabs
  3. Range of Materials

Disadvantages of Bubblers

  1. Requires Combustion
  2. Glass pieces can be fragile. 


How often should I change my bubbler water?

As you use your bubbler, the water will start to absorb some of the ash and grime present in your hits. Over time this will begin to affect the flavor of your hits. Bubblers have relatively small reservoirs, so it's best to change after each session. 

Are bubblers better than pipes?

Pipes are a fantastic way of consuming dry herbs, offering a simple and compact way to enjoy sessions. However, they don't have the same level of water cooling that bubblers have. If smooth, cool hits are your thing, then bubblers are certainly better. 

What are the different kinds of bubblers?

There are a variety of different designs, these include; hammers, a bubbler with a built in stand. Sidecar bubblers, with a side mounted mouthpiece, and Sherlock bubblers, which have a classic 'S' shaped design. 


Bubblers have long been a massive fixture of the dry herb scene. Over the years they have gone from a subcategory of bongs to their own distinct way of enjoying concentrates and dry herb. They are a fantastic addition to anyone's collection, best of all their compact size and generally low cost means that there's no reason not to grab one.