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Butane-Powered Vaporizers

One of the main benefits to using a butane powered Vaporizer is that there is no need to rely on electricity to power your vaping experience. That means no more having to rely on batteries to power you through your vaping sessions, as long as you have a butane can on hand then you are ready to Vape wherever, whenever. 

Butane-Powered Vapes - Benefits

Butane-Powered Vaporizers are fantastic for when you are travelling or away for an extended period of time such as a camping trip and where charging a battery is not feasible or possible. Another fantastic pro to using Butane powered Vapes is that you never have to wait around for your device to recharge. Butane-Powered Vapes can be refilled in no-time and you can get back to Vaping almost straight away! Vapor Quality produced from butane-powered Vapes is also some of the best quality, it can be argued that it is amongst the best in comparison to portable dry herb vaporizers. 

There are very few restrictions to Vaping using butane as a power source, however one of them is you give up the ability to Vape at your desired temperatures. Butane-powered Vapes do not allow for adjustable Vaping temperatures and are normally used at a temperature of 190 degrees. This vaping temperature is ideal for vaping the majority of herbs so being restricted to this temperature isn't a problem for many people. 

Butane-Powered Vapes have an extremely quick heat-up time, which is hugely beneficial when you are vaping outdoors and when you're out and about. Butane Vapes also tend to be portable, compact and discreet devices, so you will not have to worry too much about carrying added gear (batteries, chargers etc). Butane Vapes also tend to be some of the lightest Vaporizers on the market.