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Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler This stunning piece comes from the Marley Natural collection, the official smoking accessory brand of Bob Marley. When creating this bubbler they set out to catch the essence of the great...


8" Grav Labs Round Water Pipe w/ Fixed Downstem This is the Official 8” Beaker Water Pipe from Grav Labs, this bong comes with a clear glass look with Grav Labs decal on it. Specs:...


Lady Killer Bong This is the Official Lady Killer bong by Killer Bongs. Killer bongs are exactly what they say on the bongs, they provide some killer bongs. This Lady killer is made out Acrylic...


Grav Labs 5.5" Standard Ash Catcher This is the Official 5.5" Standard Ash Catcher by Grav Labs. This Standard Ash Catcher is angled at 45 degrees and the joint size is 19mm this means that...


3" Mini Hammer Bubbler - 25mm Glass  GRAV 3” Basic Bubbler boasts portability, ease of use, and smooth hits. Features For flower Clear glass bubbler Colored downstem, feet, and mouthpiece Carb hole on the left...


A mini sized 15cm acrylic water pipe with a metal down stem with your choice of multiple colors.  It is perfect for on the go, being able to be stored in and handbag or backpack. ...


Grav Labs - Gravitron Gravity Bong This is where it all began for Grav Labs, the Gravitron Bong was first created by founder Dave Daily back in his college years. After years of hard work...


Acrylic Pistol Grip Bong This is the Official Acrylic Pistol Grip Bong. This bong is made out of acrylic which is great for storage and cleaning the bong. 9 times out of 10 acrylic bongs are shatterproof...


Acrylic straight tube bongs are the most practical, easy to use and long-lasting devices for the casual bong-user who doesn’t want to spend a fortune. This one is massively tall, just a few inches shy...


Dude Beaker Glass Bong Set Small This is the Official Beaker Glass Bong Set by Dude, the Beaker Glass is definitely one piece of glass i would recommend to any glass collector to pick up as...


Acrylic Bubble Bong This is an Official Acrylic Bubble bong, the bong is made from Acrylic, which means its going to be a long lasting bong as Acrylic glassware are shatterproof. This means you can...


Tabletop 40 This is the Official Tabletop 40 & 60 by Killer Bongs, Killer bongs are known for there Killer Bongs. This bong is handmade from high-quality acrylic in Germany. The bong is fully black...



20 cm  Acrylic Assorted Colors  


Length: 25 cm


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In our collection of cheaply-priced bongs, you'll find gorgeous, hand-made glass pieces with intricate percolators and filtration systems from the world’s top manufacturers and small, artisan flame workers.

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