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If you want to enjoy dry herb concentrates to their fullest potential, then you need a dab rig. Concentrates are many times more potent than their equivalent weight in dry herb. They can only be consumed at very high temperatures. This, combined with their sticky consistency, means that bongs and pipes just don’t work.

Dab rigs are specially designed to be able to withstand the temperatures needed to consume concentrates. They use nails, specialized buckets made out of conductive material such as titanium or quartz. Dab rigs universally use water reservoirs to cool their hits to a temperature that is smooth and easy to inhale.

While they were once a niche product for experienced herb fans, dab rigs are now becoming increasingly popular.

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Affordable options for Dab Rigs

High Life - Mini Dab Rig with Barrel Perc

This piece is the perfect introductory dab rig. It is a compact and easy to handle pipe that gives newcomers everything they need to enjoy a fantastic dab session. It comes with a quartz nail, this material reaches dabbing temperatures extremely quickly and is super-resistant to thermal fractures. 

Each hit flows through the down stem and into a barrel perc, this breaks it up into a flurry of tiny bubbles, increasing its surface area. This allows the comparatively small reservoir to efficiently cool each hit before the user inhales it. The angled mouthpiece means you won't have to worry about tilting this piece at all, making it far safer and newbie-friendly to use. 

Eyce Sidecar

Eyce is a big name in the bong industry thanks to their innovative and super-effective silicone bongs. It was only a matter of time before they turned their attention towards the dab rig industry. The Eyce Sidecar is the first silicone dab rig. It is made out of titanium cured silicone, which means that it is heat resistant and there is no risk of it melting or reacting with your hits. It also means that it is super-resilient, capable of bending, flexing, and standing up to nearly anything you can throw at it. 

It features an adjustable mouthpiece that means you can ergonomically adjust it to suit you perfectly. Best of all, it can also be removed, to make it super easy to clean and maintain. It features a honeycomb percolator for added levels of cooling, you won't be sacrificing smooth hits for resilience with this piece. Finally, it comes with a quartz bucket, perfect for quick heating, and potent hits. 

Double Stereo Matrix J-Hook Perc Dab Rig

This incredible piece of glass is a great intermediate piece. This takes everything a beginner will be familiar with, and then brings it up a notch. It features the rounded design and angled mouthpiece of any good beginner rig, but it also makes use of a recycler system. 

This means when you take a hit, the vapor travels through the downstem and into the barrel rig. Here it is cooled normally, however, what happens next will transform your dab experience. Rather than traveling straight up to the mouthpiece, it instead enters a second airpath, this is the recycler, this puts your vapor through a second percolator and reservoir. This doubles the amount of cooling you get to enjoy. 

Top picks of Dab Rigs

Dr. Dabber Switch

The Dr. Dabber Switch is an electric dab rig. This means that rather than relying on an external heat source, or combustion, it is entirely self-contained. Instead, it has an advanced induction heating system that uses electromagnets to heat up coils contained within the device. This has a super rapid heat-up time. It comes with 25 temperatures pre-sets, which means that no matter the concentrate you use, and no matter your personal preference, you'll be able to create the perfect dab experience. 

Each hit is perfectly water-cooled, thanks to its super-compact, built-in bubbler. Best of all, the entire device is fully self-contained making this perfect for everyday use, easy storage, or even traveling. 

Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak may be one of the best ways to enjoy concentrates with an electronic heating system. The first thing you'll notice about it is its glass cone. This is where the reservoir is found, allowing you to enjoy super-cool hits. You'll also notice that it looks pretty good, Puffco agree, and has augmented it with striking LEDs that illuminate it during use. 

This is a truly powerful device, features a ceramic heating chamber that quickly and consistently vaporizes all of your herbs. The non-reactive nature of ceramic means that it preserves the authentic and pure flavor of your concentrate. Best of all, its self-contained design and intuitive control system makes it incredibly easy to use, perfect for those who want as few barriers between them and their dab experience as possible. 

Spaceship Puck Rig by Snoop Dogg | 6 inch

Pounds is Snoop Dogg's very own glass brand. This range features some of the finest glass on the market today, and naturally, it also features a super-high quality glass dab rig.

The spaceship is a squat and powerful little dab rig that allows you to enjoy truly powerful dab experiences without having to deal with large, and unwieldy waterpipes. Instead, it strips everything back while still offering an incredible level of cooling. 

It has a ruffle-style percolator that breaks up each hit for more effective cooling and a curved mouthpiece for ease of use. Finally, it is made out of super-high quality borosilicate glass that is resistant to heat stress and thermal fractures. 

What to look for in Dab Rigs

A good dab rig will always have a percolator. Concentrates vaporize at very high temperatures, and thus they can be a little harsh to inhale directly. Filtering each hit through a water reservoir helps cool them, but a reservoir can only act on the surface area of a hit. A percolator breaks a heat up into smaller, but more numerous bubbles, this results in an increased level of cooling. 

If you are committed to getting the coolest possible dab experience, then you should seek out a rig with a recycler and multiple percs for an added level of cooling. 

A good nail is also an important feature. Most rigs will come with a quartz nail, this is perfectly serviceable. However, more advanced users may prefer a more exotic material like ceramic or titanium. These materials do have great advantages but are far from essential. 

Finally, a dab rig will usually feature an angled mouthpiece, this saves the user having to grasp and tilt the piece towards themselves when taking a hit. This is not only more stable, but safer too. 

Differences between all Dab Rigs

The most obvious distinction between different types of dab rigs is whether they are electric or combustion based. All rigs user vaporization in some form, but they achieve this feat either with an internal electronic heating system or with a butane torch. 

Traditional dab rigs require the user to heat the nail directly with a butane torch. A normal lighter won't cut it here, it simply can't reach the requisite temperature. Electronic solutions, like vapes or e-nails, use internal electronic heating systems to quickly and easily vaporize concentrates. 

Within combustion based dab rigs there are several more specific differences. The most important of these is the material the nail is made out of. The average nail will be made out of quartz, this is perfect for rapid heating. However ceramic is another option that leads to more even and consistent vaporization. Finally, titanium has a super rapid heat-up time and it also features consistent and smooth heating, the best of both worlds. 

Finally, percolators. Nearly all rigs, electronic or combustion, use percolators to cool their hits. There are hundreds of different types of percolators out there, and generally, they all work in similar ways. The real difference comes with a rig that uses a multi-perc setup or a recycler. This breaks up each hit for even more effective cooling. 


  • Perfect for concentrates
  • Great Cooling
  • Resistant to thermal stress


  • Can be cumbersome
  • High temperatures can be dangerous
  • Combustion-based rigs require an external heating system. 

Dab Rigs FAQ’s

Q1: Are Dab Rigs and Bongs The Same?

No, bongs are specifically designed for dry herbs. They tend to be larger and feature a bowl rather than a nail. This holds the herb while a flame is put directly into it. Dab nails on the other hand are heated directly until they reach dabbing temperature, at which point the concentrate is applied. 

Q2: Can Dab Rigs Get Moldy?

Over time your dab rig will begin to experience a buildup of grime. This is caused by the vapor of your hits and other pollutants sticking to the glass. This will eventually begin to affect the flavor and potency of your hits, so frequent cleaning is a must. 

Q3: Why Are Dab Rigs Small?

Dab rigs are generally much smaller than a bong because the vapor produced by concentrate more quickly dissipates into the air. So to enjoy a potent hit, you have to ensure that it doesn't have to travel as far. 

Q4: What Are Dab Rigs Made Of?

Generally, dab rigs are made out of borosilicate glass. This is a type of specially treated glass that is resistant to thermal shock and stress fractures. This is a must when dealing with the high temperatures associated with dab concentrates. 


Dab rigs are a fantastic way to enjoy concentrates. They allow users to experience potent sessions in a fraction of the time of a dry herb bong, and with a fraction of the material. As they become increasingly mainstream the industry is producing some truly incredible pieces. Some of the finest electronic dab rigs can stand shoulder to shoulder with the very best of the vape industry. If you enjoy concentrates or are looking to try them out, then a dab rig is a must.