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Boasting the world’s most advanced portable devices, DaVinci Vaporizers is a company looking to make a difference. Davinci Vaporizers has built itself upon a foundation of purity, innovation and control. Each and every one of their vaporizers has a build quality that few other companies can rival.

At Namaste, we stock everything you’ll need to make your vape experience a work of art. We stock the full range of vapes as well as replacement materials and accessories.

DaVinci IQ

Described as simply one of the most intelligent vapes that have ever been brought to the market, the IQ 2 is the fourth iteration of the astonishing DaVinci Vaporizers. Evolving from the Original, Ascent, the IQ is everything you loved about that but in a much smaller package.

The IQ boasts a number of great features such as a ceramic zirconia mouthpiece and adjustable oven pearl. This provides excellent flavor while also being incredibly durable and easy to clean. There’s also a new addition - the flavor chamber. This innovation heats your dried product partially without combustion.

DaVinci Miqro

Another grand step in evolution was the Miqro. This vape is 33% smaller than its predecessor but still manages to provide all the things we loved about the original. Enjoy the purest of flavors with a ceramic zirconium airflow system and an all-ceramic airpath.

There are lots of technical innovations with this model, too. Precision temperature and smart paths allow you to create a customized experience every time. Also, there’s a selection of lid sizes means you don’t have to fill up your heating chamber every single time. You can use as much or as little material as you like. This is the ultimate vape for the individual.

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