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For us here at NamasteVapes there is one stand out desktop vaporizer and it has to be Storz and Bickel's Volcano Digital and Volcano Classic.

The only downside coming with the Volcano is that they are not cheap (you have to pay top dollar for premium vaping!) however another way of looking at it is that they are a great investment!

The Volcano is credited with having a long lifespan. Storz and Bickel have a very reliable reputation and generally, the Volcano never fails to live up to their reputations as the best desktop vaporizers available - worldwide. Another hugely popular desktop vape that is amazing value - the Arizer Extreme Q. This popular desktop vape manages to achieve an excellent mix between quality and excellent value for money.

Convection vs Conduction?

When it comes convection vs. conduction it can sometimes be a tough choice. We're often inclined to lean more towards vapes that use convection, and this is because it allows for a more evening heating of your substance. Not to mention, more accurate temperature control. Convection means that the substance is heated to optimum vaporization temperature using a gas or liquid - in most cases it is forced air with the use of an electric fan.

This method of vaporization is used in both the Volcano Digital and Classic models and also in the Arizer Extreme Q. Conduction however, heats your dried product through direct contact with the heat source which definitely has it's advantages, such as quicker heat times and a less complicated design as well as price!

Need advice?

Desktop Vaporizers, in general, are very efficient at producing vapor. Most desktop vaporizers utilize a whip system that allows the user to inhale the vapor through a vinyl or silicone tubing, while other models employ an advanced forced-air system which allow inhalation of vapor in a balloon. The most versatile desktop vaporizers are designed to allow the user to switch between whip-style and forced-air.

When deciding which Desktop Vaporizer is for you, you must think about what you want out of it, your personal preferences. To get the best bang for your buck, keep two things in mind, your vaping needs/style and the type of vaporizer.

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