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Dr. Dabber

The Dr. Dabber vaporizer is not just a good looking wax pen, but also a highly user-friendly vaping device. It is undoubtedly the most chosen and praised pen-style vaporizer brand in the USA.

In terms of quality, price and performance, there is no other brand that surpasses Dr. Dabber’s vape standards. Nowadays, millions of pen vapes are coming to market due to their great popularity but we must recognize that there are few brands per year that keep alive, as users are increasingly critical according to their needs.

All About Dr. Dabber Vaporizers

The Pen Vape for the exquisite audience.

Dr. Dabber Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber targeted an exquisite and demanding audience who sought only to achieve top-level aromatherapy sessions without wasting time nor material. To meet these needs, Dr. Dabber vapes integrated a long life battery and took care about the heating so as not to burn and produce an unpleasant taste like most pen vapes did.

This device allows you to be more discrete, if this is what you prefer. Just have it on the lowest temperature settings and take quicker drawsThis is why Dr. Dabber vaporizers focused their efforts in modifying their heating chamber to a titanium coil atomizer. This heats the oil gently, melting it into a wick located in the middle of the coil in order to be able to extract only the active ingredients of concentrates. And that's how the most popular pen vape was born.

Concentrate & Wax Vaporizer

Every year, vaporizer expos and conventions are held in the USA and lately, Dr. Dabber vaporizers are taking all the awards. Not surprisingly, this incredible company specializes in an attribute that the competition does not seem to care about, and it's all about the heating temperature. We know that Dr. Dabber vaporizers only work with concentrates and wax, and because of their consistency, they are very delicate when it comes to heating.

Therefore, why is temperature control so essential for vaping? Terpenes. If you are unfamiliar with terpenes, they are the compounds in dried products that give the plant its unique smell. Thanks to its low-heat technology and its titanium compounds, the Dr. Dabber vape heats concentrates slowly for a huge, flavorful, tasty hit.

Dr. Dabber Light
Dr.Dabber Light Vaporizrer

Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer

The Dr. Dabber Light is a great entry level pen which rises above the competition in its price-point. It is thought that cheap vaporizers for under $50 are not of good quality. Dr. Dabber Light bridges the gap between respectable vapor and affordability, with its convenient, easy to use design and lightweight portable form factor. The Dr. Dabber Light is similar to other slim and compact vape pens in that it has a 510 screw-threaded battery and charger, a single button for on and off functions, and a removable mouthpiece to access the atomizer. Five clicks with turn the Dr. Dabber Light vaporizer on, five clicks will turn it off.

The Dr. Dabber Light has everything you need, firstly its unbeatable price makes it affordable. The flavor and vapor quality are both out of this world.

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